Top Bitcoin Exchanges 2018

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Top Bitcoin Exchanges 2018

June 14, 2018 Cryptocurrency 0
top bitcoin exchange list

Cryptocurrency. A boon in the lives of crypto cash miners and the bane of centralized money lenders. It’s not as if you don’t know how this modern currency is bringing about revolutionary changes in the world. You ARE researching bitcoins right now.

But as a formality, let us tell you a story. If you are interested only in the top bitcoin trading platforms, skip right to that. Otherwise, here is some backstory for you.

The world was cruising along, using hard cash, enjoying life. But somewhere in the world(namely Japan), there was a person(or a group of people – never confirmed) who wasn’t into conventional means of money. He(or they) needed something more. More control of his money without all the jargon that comes along with centralized banks.

So what did he do? He devised a software that produced bitcoins. The Bitcoin came to be the first decentralised digital currency that worked without a single administrator. The transactions were secured using cryptography and instantly recorded in a public ledger called Blockchain. The technology of blockchain is a story for another day, as it in itself is massive.

The bitcoins are procured by a process called mining. There are only 21 million bitcoins in existence. A bitcoin value is approximately 6839.40 US dollars today.

Some of you might be wondering why we are spitting all this drivel at you. Let us get back to our topic at hand, which is BTC trading exchanges.

So how do you step into the world of cryptocurrency without getting hit by strokes of misfortune? We tell you how.

First thing out of the way – that is choosing a currency you are sure about. And it is a good choice. Bitcoin would be the obvious choice for a beginner as it has many inherent advantages over the plethora of currency choices out there. Bitcoin’s reputation precedes itself, in fact. BTC is the most trusted, anonymity-friendly, taxless digital “coin” out there.

Next step: Where do you buy bitcoins from? Bitcoin Exchanges. BTC trading platforms  As if there weren’t enough competition between the currencies, there exists now a surplus of exchanges too. Your responsibility is to choose the best one out there.

How do you do that? We give you a clear list of winners in all these Bitcoin Exchanges. You just have to weigh the pros and cons related to each Exchange(also which we listed out for you) and decide.

What to look for? Exchanges…

  1. That is Secure: It is your hard earned cash we are talking about. Look for the most secure exchange-always.
  2. The most Reputed: You chose bitcoin. Reputation matters, as you know. It comes hand-in-hand with the trust of current users, so keep an eye out for the reviews about your exchange.
  3. With low Exchange Rate: Each Bitcoin Exchange has its own prespecified exchange rates. Lower the best, obviously.
  4. With low Fee: This goes without saying. Can’t blame the companies – your fees is their revenue.
  5. With more Features: This is on you. Think about the functions you need and settle on a choice.

Top Bitcoin Exchanges 2018

1. Coinbase

The exchange that exists on almost all lists for top bitcoin exchanges. This fact is supported by their user-friendly, secure platform which is rated top-notch by critics.

Coinbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It brokers exchanges of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


  • Great for beginners
  • Instant buy option available.
  • Supported in around 32 countries-more than its rivals.
  • 2 wallets are available- Normal insured wallet, Multisig Vault wallet(used by advanced users for higher security)
  • 10 $ signup bonus! Who wouldn’t want that?


  • Its customer support has proved doubtful at times.
  • Not available worldwide.

2. Changelly


This exchange is a solution to the trading problem originated after the introduction of too many currencies. It allows an easy way of trading different currencies without depending on a trading platform. If you are looking to buy bitcoin and trade it too, this would be ideal.


  • User-friendly
  • Trade with other currencies without fee
  • Bitcoin buying is easy. There is close to nil verification process.
  • Less popular currencies also exchanged here.


  • Exchange rate is high when Fiat currency is traded as compared to altcoins aka cryptocurrency.

3. Local Bitcoins


If you are looking to buy/sell bitcoins with other people, this exchange would be your ideal one. Here, over-the-counter bitcoin exchange is done which does not need an intermediary party.

Local Bitcoins is based in Helsinki, Finland.


  • Flexibility in bitcoin exchange.
  • The user base is worldwide.
  • The rating system is reliable, as it is public.


  • There exists a 1% seller fee.
  • As every transaction is controlled by no third party, suspicious accounts also exist.

4. Kraken

Based in Europe, it is the biggest exchange in Euro volume. Its been around since 2011, and that is like decades in tech years. That it still comes in top bitcoin exchange lists should be proof enough. Kraken has consistently been rated as one of the most trusted exchanges.


  • As said, reputation matters and Kraken has a good one.
  • Transaction fee is low.
  • User support is great and it is rich in features.


  • Not so good for beginners. Has an unfriendly user interface, unfortunately.
  • Payment methods are limited.



Established in 2013, is an exchange that offers bitcoins in exchange for fiat money, such as USD, EUR, GBP and RUB. Being a veteran, this platform also has a good reputation and is trusted.

The service of bank transfer is available almost worldwide.


  • Good reputation.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Credit cards are accepted, so ease of transaction.

Cons: Exchange rates are high.

  • Complaints about their lengthy transaction time have been noted.

There, that’s it! We hope with this article we have cleared off your doubts about which cryptocurrency exchange to use while buying and selling bitcoins. Though the list is in no way exhaustive, care has been taken to include the best ones there is, in bitcoin exchanges.

Hope your crypto investment future flourishes like bitcoin has!

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