Top MLM Bloggers 2018

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Top MLM Bloggers 2018

November 28, 2018 Uncategorized 0
top MLM Blogs

Proper guidance and mentoring is essential for anything one does in life. Network marketing is no different. However, there are enough and more content and guidance about it online that it is quite a chaotic scene out there. 

We are here to help you sort that issue. Down below is a list of top MLM bloggers of 2018 whose blogs has helped thousands of network marketers aspirants to succeed in the trade.

1. John Chatman  – Online Marketing Mentor

John Chatman MLM Blog


Since : 2008

Frequency : Almost daily

Country : USA

Website         :


John “Blaze” Chatman, one of the famous MLM Bloggers, began his career in network marketing by allowing his company, Comcast Cable, to take a backseat and there has been no looking back since then. He is earning thousands of dollars from online network marketing today. More important than so, his blog is a source of knowledge and reference for online network marketing, Social Media strategies, Personal Growth and Leadership development. Network marketers, from beginners to veterans are inspired from his MLM blogs and look up to him for guidance for resolving crucial issues in the business.

2. Mary and Dean R Black

Mary and Dean R Black MLM Blog


Since : 2009

Frequency : 1 blog per week

Country  : USA

Facebook Page :


The power couple of network marketing, Mary and Dean quit really high paying corporate jobs to start their small network marketing business and came out with flying colors. The couple are full time bloggers who gives a deep insight on the network marketing techniques, online strategies, social media marketing and much more through their Facebook page as well as their blogging platform “Mary and Dean Unleashed”.

3. Cesar L Rodriguez – MLM Trainer & Consultant

Cesar L Rodriguez MLM Blog


Since : 2003

Frequency : 4 Blogs per month

Country : USA

Webpage :


Cesar L Rodriguez is a veteran in network marketing industry with more than 11 years of experience in direct sales and Multi level marketing. An avid vlogger and MLM specialist, Cesar is known for his straight-to-content approach and no-bluff matter. Moreover, is also known as the “ most entertaining leaders” in the network marketing industry. His videos cover a wide range of topics from Lead Generation, Network Marketing,Areas of Prospecting,closing, recruiting in direct sales and network marketing.

4. Diane Hochman – Trainer , Consultant & Speaker

Diane Hochman MLM Blog


Since : 1999

Frequency : 3 blogs per month

Country : USA

Website  :



Diane Hochman is a house wife who ventured into the network marketing to save herself from her credit card debts. She is a trainer in network marketing and is a sought after speaker in the arena of social media marketing, attraction marketing and branding. She dominates product launches all over the industry and is a source of inspiration and information to the hungry network marketers around the globe.

5. Darren Spruyt – Social Networker

Darren Spruyt MLM Blog


Since : 2007

Frequency : 3 blogs per month

Country : Singapore

Website         :


Darren tasted success after a series of downfalls. He learnt the nuances of the trade on his own and is one of the top network marketers in the world today. He is helping millions of network marketers to build a strong network marketing career through his blogs.

6. Eric Worre – MLM Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

eric worre MLM blog


Since : March 2009

Frequency : 2 posts per month

Country : USA

Website       :


Eric has been posting videos in since March 2009. He offers generic training for network marketing profession. He post interviews with the top earners in network marketing and the market leaders, which has been appreciated by a lot of viewers. is the most watched video training site in the Network Marketing profession.

7. Dr Bob Clarke

Dr Bob Clarke MLM Blogs



Since : 2008

Frequency : 1 blog per month

Country : USA

Website         :



Dr. Bob Clarke is a part time network marketer who understands the struggles faced by part time network marketeers. His posts focus on methods to be more productive with limited time, leveraging your skills and other people’s resources to maximize your results, and finding the right mentors and coaches to reduce your learning curve. This blog is a must-read one for aspiring part time network marketeers.

Go on and check out their blogs. You will find a trove of information that would give you a head start in your network marketing career.

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