Top MLM Earners In The World

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Top MLM Earners In The World

November 23, 2018 MLM Business 0
Top MLM Earners

Want to be one among the Top MLM Earners?

You could even be the richest person in network marketing!

Hey – It’s not a joke because in the MLM business, “Sky’s the Limit” if you are ready to work hard.

Give a read below!

What is MLM?

The term MLM or Multi-Level Marketing can be simply coined as the system or scheme of selling of goods or services through a network of distributors! MLM is also referred to as Network Marketing, Referral Marketing or Direct Sales.

How do MLM works?

A typical MLM program begins with the process of recruitment.

The companies who are planning to market will invite you to be a distributor of their product or services. And sometimes it may be through another distributor of the company.

Once you become a distributor, you can earn money in both ways! Either through the sales of the MLM products or by the process of recruiting new distributors to the team.

And when those distributors recruit more, you still get a commission from the income they generate.

The distributors that you add up with your MLM plan and the ones that they add up, in turn, are called your downline. And the person who added you and the ones above him are called your upline. Your upline distributor will also provide some basic training once you join the MLM business.

Choosing the Best MLM Company For Your Business

Choosing the perfect MLM company is also a skill or something that you must be really cautious about! There are really some great MLM Companies out there that really do offer the opportunity to build wealth. Before that everyone needs to know how to choose right network marketing company that suits their skills and capabilities.

Top 10 MLM Earners in the World

RankNameOrganizationAnnual Income (Est.)
1. Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala Amway International$15,600,000
2. Chanida and Nat Puranaputra World Global Network$14,400,000
3. Rolf Kipp Forever Living Pr.$9,600,000
4. Chad and Nattida Chong World Global Network$9,000,000
      5. Brian McClure Ambit Energy$8,400,000
      6. Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala DagCoin$7,080,000
      7. Kim Hui Jeunesse$6,600,000
      8. Barry Chi and Holly Chen Amway International$6,000,000
      9. Jeff Roberti Juice Plus+$5,400,000
      10. Enrique and Graciela Varela Herbalife$4,740,000

Source : Internet

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