Stair Step Plan

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Stair Step breakaway Plan is one of those MLM plans that has unlimited growth potential and distributors with good selling skills make a beeline to join the plan. Also called stair step plan, it is one of the oldest plan that is in use till date.

How does a Stair Step breakaway Plan work?

The main objective of the plan is to recruit as many members and the line them evenly. Each affiliate recruits newcomers in the front line, introducing them at any width. A person can sponsor only one line of distributors. There are no limitations in the width of the plan.There would be no spillover in this case, unlike other MLM plans. Hence, each member can add as many members in his downline, thereby building a stronger and longer network downline.The fee is normally paid up to a limited depth that has been decided by the company. The payment structure is regulated by insisting on a minimum member volume to be required to earn a commission. Hence this is a very convenient plan for part-timers.
Due to the simplicity of the plan, it is very easy to understand. The training imparted to the employees is also very less when compared to other plans.

What is a stair step MLM software?

The structure of the plan is such that it has a huge downline, It becomes physically impossible for the company to directly deal with the affiliates.

Earlier, the company calculated the compensation and paid the top sales leaders who then calculated the compensation for their downlines and paid them accordingly.
With Stair step MLM Software, the companies can directly deal with all the affiliates.

The compensation,rebates and incentives are directly paid to the affiliates, right from the top level sales leaders to the salesmen at the grassroot.

What is the Stair Step Breakaway Compensation plan?

The pay scale is based on product being moved and volume being generated in your company. The more the volume in an organisation, the higher the percentage the member will be paid. When the volume rises, the pay percentage also rises, essentially following stair upwards through the pay ranges.

Let us take an example

A member has three people in his downline, there by he becomes a group leader.These three members have done a sale of $ 100 in volume.

Based on these, the group leader is eligible for a 3% bonus.Now, if those people generate $300 ,the group leader might qualify for a 6% bonus. The group leader will be paid the difference in percentages between 3% and 6%.This percentage goes up as your volume increases, abiding to the name of the plan, Stair Step. As the volume increases, the difference increases and the amount the company pays the member increases.


– This plan has a proven track record of success. The world’s’ oldest network marketing companies like Amway have been using this plan for years.

– For experienced marketers, this plan can yield huge benefits when compared to other plans.