MLM Gift Plan is also known as Helping Plan MLM or Donation Plan is widely used for crowdfunding, helping, and donation programs. This plan is very unlike the typical MLM plans where there are levels and commissions. It has become increasingly popular due to its simple structure. The Gift Plan follows the simple process of giving and taking wherein a participant will send a gift, either in cash or kind, to another participant. In return, he/she would receive gifts from various other members.

How does the Gift MLM Plan work?

  • In a gifting scheme, a person benefits by offering or donating to others.
  • This is not a multi-level marketing concept in the traditional sense.
  • The basic concept is to give a gift to one person while receiving various gifts from various other users.
  • As the system dictates, users will deposit or give gifts directly to other users.
  • The company has the option to charge fees for administrative costs and registration fees.
  • This plan can be implemented in different ways.

Bonuses in Gift MLM Plan

Compensations and bonuses in the Gift plan vary according to the MLM company. The two major types of bonuses commonly deployed in the plan are:

  1. Introducer Bonus
  2. Stage Advancement Bonus

Introducer Bonus

Whenever a member of the network introduces new recruits to the network, he or she will be eligible for the introducer bonus.

Stage Advancement Bonus

This is a bonus awarded in the Gift MLM plan when the user qualifies to advance to the next level.

Key benefits of Gift MLM Plan

Regulate Payments

Members can decide how to receive their money – daily, weekly, monthly, or longer.

Regular Use

People are likely to use the services regularly, even after initial success has passed over.

Attract Users

Gift plans with low investments can attract more users to the network.

The members have the privilege to choose whether to receive the payment daily,weekly or monthly. Also, when a member makes a donation, he could be helping someone who is in urgent need for cash. The plan is very convenient for everyone since it do not involve recruiting downline members or selling a product. All the more,this plan can generate lucrative profits in very short span of time, thereby justifying the reason for this plan to be called attractive. Now that we know all about the Gift Plan, let us see how a Gift MLM Software simplify the whole process.The Software acts as the gift manager of the process and has all the information regarding the entire scheme of activities in the plan. Though the entire mechanism of sending and receiving gifts can be quite perplexing, things can be run smoothly with the help of Gift MLM Software.

The Plan Has Three Major Stages

Managing the three activities can be a cumbersome process, especially when the members are large in number. The Gift / helping Plan mlm Software can be your friend there.



This is the first step of the MLM plan. A member enters the business by making a donation or giving a gift to another member in the group.



You can choose to share the donation with others, making the plan all the more worthwhile.



The waiting period between sending out the gift and receiving your gifts can be laborious but definitely worth the wait.

Advantages Of MLM Gift Plan

The Gift Plan MLM Software provides the aforementioned facilities. Let us see how it can be advantageous for the business.

The whole process becomes automated and easy.

The whole process becomes reliable since chances of error are almost nil.

The Software breaks down the complexity of the scheme.

The software saves a lot of time and energy in managing the business.

The total control of the money and transactions vests with the admin.

The software supports bitcoin, Paypal, Alertpay, Solid Trust Pay etc

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