Hybrid MLM plan is one of the fairest network marketing plans out there. This plan came into existence in 1985. Hybrid plan is a merger of the binary compensation plan and unilevel compensation plan. The best was taken out of both to eventually design a plan that is the most profitable in the industry. Hybrid Unilevel Plan consists of one salesforce classification. Everyone is considered a distributor under this plan. There are no sales leaders. An affiliate is paid on distributors down to a specific number of levels. There is another interesting criteria of compensation, besides classification of salesforce. How long a distributor in the downline been a part of the company also determines the compensation. If an affiliate signs up new people, he/she can make more money off the new one for a specific period of time. Later on, this amount decreases. Under the hybrid plan, then new recruits are also paid well up to a specific point of time of being in the network. The sponsors can achieve monthly sales volume either with the help of total organizational volume or with the help of volume within a specific number of levels. Breakaways are not lost here. Sales leaders can surplus their income from them. The volume in the breakaway doesn’t have to be replaced.

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As in the traditional binary plan, there are two legs – left and right. The newly sponsored members are placed alternately on each leg, left, right, left and so on.When the share of unilevel compensation plan is added to the binary compensation plan, a generational or match bonus is obtained.When an affiliate sponsors a new recruit into his downline, he/she receives 15% and 45% of the turnover.

What are the advantages of Hybrid MLM Plan?

    • Hybrid plans are one of the fairest plans to make money.
    • The plan is lucrative if you are an entrepreneur who is hardworking.
    • Affiliates in a company where the plan is hybrid are the best paid.
    • The plans have a provision of fast track bonuses, whose benefits can be utilized for doing purchases to sponsor another person.
    • There are bonuses on rank advancement.
    • There are other perks like free shipping etc provided as bonus.