The Uni-level and Binary plans are usually combined to develop the Hybrid MLM Plan. It aims to minimize the weaknesses of both plans and improve upon their strengths and capabilities. The plan starts with a user who recruits two members on the primary level and places them on the left and right legs, while additional recruits are spilled over to the subsequent level beneath the two previous members. The depth of the levels continues to increase as the network grows.

How does the Hybrid MLM Plan work?

  • The properties of Unilevel and Binary MLM plans are combined in a Hybrid Plan, which improves them by reducing unneeded components of the plans.
  • The plan begins with two legs, one on each side, and the rest of the members are arranged beneath the first level of members.
  • The structure will be first left and then, right and again a left-right.
  • The network continues to grow, ensuring that all members, regardless of their position in the network, are given priority.
  • And these legs will be well-balanced, resulting in the formation of a remarkable team.
Hybrid Plan

Bonuses in Hybrid MLM Plan

The common bonuses and compensations included in the Hybrid MLM plan include:

  1. Fast Start Bonus
  2. Sponsor Bonus
  3. Custom Bonuses
Hybrid MLM

Fast Start Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus is awarded to joined members when they achieve their targets within a particular period.

Sponsor Bonus

The “sponsor bonus”, also called the “referral bonus” is given to distributors for recruiting new members to the network.

Custom Bonus

The Custom Bonus can be customized according to the requirements and strategies of MLM companies.

Key Benefits of Hybrid MLM Plan

Best of both plans

The plan is usually a combination of binary and unilevel plans and implements the best elements of both.


The plan can be highly rewarding for members if they are able to strike a balance between both legs.


The Hybrid plan is considered to be highly profitable for both new and experienced members.

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