What is Binary MLM Software?

Binary MLM software is a specific software employed by MLM companies to oversee their lead generation, compensation management, and binary network operations. These processes will be streamlined by this software, allowing for more effective and efficient management. Numerous features, such as consumer management tools, a genealogy data system, a shopping cart, and a payout calculator, are available in the majority of softwares.

How does the Binary MLM Plan work?

In a binary MLM plan, each distributor is only allowed to have two people signed up as members of their downline. The activity of the downline determines how profitable the companies are, and the enterprise as a whole must run efficiently.

It will be challenging to generate significant revenue with a non-active leg. In direct marketing businesses, recruiting upwards of two members will add them to the subsequent power leg member, a process known as spillover. In an MLM business, there won’t be any spillovers when the winning leg succeeds, making personally sponsored downlines the only way to expand the profit leg.


Bonuses in Binary MLM Plan

Direct Referral Commission

This bonus can also be referred to as the profit each user gains by recruiting new members directly as a downline network. The direct referral commission percentage is based on the package your downlines choose.

Pairing Bonus

This bonus is paid after completing the Binary tree and based on the sales of downline members. Pairing Bonus is calculated as a point system for every member signed in or it can be a total value per person/as a percentage of what a new person signed up for.

Matching Bonus

Bonus earned for recruiting new members in the downline network is known as matching bonus. This bonus can be earned up to ‘n’ generations depending on the structure of the binary compensation plan chosen by the company.

Advantages of Binary MLM Plan


Unlimited Depth

You can easily build your network in any depth as per your requirement and every member in the upline is guaranteed to gain profit from the successful sales.


Fast Expansion

There is a high tendency to expand your network through this Binary plan since each member needs to recruit only two new members.



Here you will get an additional earning from the spill of your upline. Getting a new member shared between each ancestor in the power legs allows benefit.


Volume Based Structure

Distributors who bring sales are guaranteed to be paid more for them.Thus making the distributors generate more volumes.

Secure Binary MLM Software

Secure MLM software is perfectly designed to provide an exceptional user experience for network marketing companies. Our software is equipped with many unique features & powerful configurations to effectively implement the plans in your network marketing business.

Secure Binary MLM Software is the perfect solution for binary MLM companies. With the software, you can manage your direct selling business efficiently & generate more revenue. Our MLM software simplifies tracking sales, commissions, and more with easy-to-use tools.

Build a powerful MLM business with Secure’s Binary MLM Software

How can Secure MLM software assist in the smooth functioning of your company?

Produce high-quality leads

Tailored content delivery systems in binary MLM software are paramount for quality enriched lead generation to ensure customer satisfaction. This will guarantee the growth & expansion of the business.

Easy Personalization

With cutting-edge technology, Secure MLM software offers highly secure and sophisticated software solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs. You can always rely on our experienced team to customize the software anytime, anywhere.

Simple commission calculations

Commission payments are precise and immediate with multiple payout options. Make smart compensation decisions based on commission analytics directly on your dashboard.

Secure Payments

The security of your financial transactions is ensured by E-wallet systems, secure payment gateways, and E-Pins. This provides consumers with the confidence and trust that they require to reestablish the business.

Round-the-clock support service

This ensures that all customers have a positive experience with the MLM software and that any problems are dealt with swiftly and efficiently by quickly responding to their queries or concerns.

Robust Architecture

Binary MLM software can be modified at any time without affecting the business. It is designed to be secure, scalable, and flexible, making adapting it to changing business needs easy.

Business Analytics Report

This helps to gain comprehensive overview of the overall income,expense,and balance of MLM companies making the company capable to plan their future strategies based on their current progress.


Using this, MLM network members can track and manage their sales. A shopping cart is also available in the e-store for network members to keep track of their purchases

Earning & Expense Report

This furnishes a comprehensive report regarding income and earnings thereby helping to monitor transactions that occur within the MLM software

Team Building

Simplifying internal communication will contribute to the efficiency and flexibility of the internal process in encouraging the team to easily communicate and exchange concepts and resources in real time.

Business Administration

Understanding current market trends and customer prerequisites will help you make better decisions. You can pinpoint opportunities and threats by keeping up with market trends and changing your business plan accordingly

Client Acquisition

Consumer churn rates can be diminished by furnishing exceptional customer service with high security and personalization, making consumers loyal to the brand.

Build your network marketing empire with our phenomenal functionalities

Binary MLM Calculator

The Binary MLM Calculator is a high-end tool used by MLM businesses to help them determine the best way to structure their commissions and bonuses, & to keep track of their expenses. Make more informed decisions about business growth with Secure Binary MLM software.

Binary MLM calculator works when the necessary inputs like price of the product, number of the distributors, commission values,& many more are given to produce a real-time in-depth report of the binary MLM business.

The calculator furnished by our MLM software can also help you to understand how different compensation plans work. It is also beneficial to examine profits, loss, understand plan scalability, estimate commissions, and much more of your binary plan.

binary mlm calculator

How does the Binary MLM
Commission Calculation Works ?

Binary MLM commissions are calculated based on volume points rather than levels. For instance, commissions are estimated by taking into consideration the lowest volume team or leg. The profitability of the binary MLM calculator changes depending on the revenue made by the downline team. Accordingly, the lowest volume will specify the substantial proportion & each individual will be remunerated appropriately.

The binary MLM commission calculator is beneficial in precisely calculating the commission and guarantees spill free network.You can also calculate the payout cycle by offering a capping value to the commission & configuring the downline number level.

Personalized Back Office Tools

The purpose of the specialised binary MLM software tools is to satisfy customer needs and desires

Binary Tree Settings

Screen icon can be modified according to the profile, rank, membership package, member status which in turn permits tooltips like joining data, first name, right carry, left carry, & many more.

E-commerce integration

We furnish integrated & customized solutions for companies with our easy-to-manage shopping cart solutions thereby helping business to streamline their operations & enhance their bottomline.

Ticket System

Secure MLM software offer a ticket system to to keep track of customer queries and ensure that they are resolved promptly. This also lets you prioritize critical requests, so they can be addressed as quickly as possible.

Payment Portal

Due to the software’s integration with modern payment processing options, payments using cash, debit card,and credit card can be processed without trouble making it is easy to keep track of payments.

Multi Language

The MLM software has multiple language options so that users can access the service anywhere, anytime. This not only improves the service’s usability, but also expands its global reach.

Multi Currency

The extensive multi-currency integration is loaded with powerful sales, accounting, and purchasing functionalities. This will help to scale the business growth regardless of any geographical location.

CRM Integrations

This allow for efficient organisation and management of the MLM business and provides the company access to crucial customer data & allow them to track and control their sales pipeline.

Create Compensations

Different types of rewards can be set by allowing the reward plan you want, including matching bonuses, binary commissions, performance bonuses and step commissions.

Lead Generation System

This gives people more information about what they are looking for and exemplifies how simple it is to use their product or service. A well constructed lead generation system will enhance business sales.

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