Binary MLM Plan is the most actively and widely used MLM Plan. It is the simplest MLM Plan to understand. Binary MLM Plan is a two-legged (left leg/right leg) structure used in Multilevel Marketing. Binary MLM will offer fast-paced Growth opportunities. As the name indicates Binary works off with the power of two. The number two is the exact number of frontlines associated that any business can have. From the two subtrees generated, if one member gets the benefits from one subtree then it is as power-leg / Profit Leg and the other as weak-leg.

How Compensation is calculated in Binary MLM Software?

Generally there are three types of Bonuses paid in Binary MLM Compensation Plan

  • 1. Introducer/ Sponsor Bonus / Direct Referral Commission
  • 2. Pairing Bonus
  • 3. Matching Bonus

Direct Referral Commission

When you directly refer a new member, they can be either place on a left leg or right leg. Introducer/ Sponsor Bonus can also referred as the profit each user gains by recruiting new members directly as a downline network. Direct referral commission percentage is based on the package your downlines choose. And commission amount will be automatically credited to the e-wallet upon the complete registration process of your downline .

Pairing Bonus

It is the amount paid after completing the Binary tree, also by gaining the extra bonus based on the downline member's sales. MLM Companies pay the distributors the pairing bonus for the downlines placed under direct downlines. Pairing Bonus is calculated as a point system for every member signed in or it can be as total value per person/as a percentage of what a new person signed up.

Matching Bonus

Bonus earned for recruiting new members in the downline network is known as matching bonus. This allows earning an extra percentage of the pairing Bonus from their corresponding downline member and this matching bonus can be earned upto ‘n’ generation depending upon the compensation plan chosen by the company.

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Key benefits of Binary Plan MLM Read More

Unlimited Depth

You can easily build your network in any depth as per your requirement and every member in the upline is guaranteed to gain profit from the successful sales.

Fast Expansion

There is a high tendency to expand your network through this Binary plan since each member needs to recruit only two new members.


Here you will get an additional earning from the spill of your upline. Getting a new member shared between each ancestor in the power legs allows benefit .

Volume Based Structure

Distributors who bring sales are guaranteed to be paid more for them.Thus making the distributors generate more volumes.