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Outright Customisation

Your network marketing software, we will make sure you have it your way. We render options for customization of SECURE MLM as per your demands and needs.

MLM Business Solutions

The search for ultimate direct selling software ends here. SECURE MLM is developed to be a one time stop for MLM business query.

MLM Plan Consultation

If you have chosen the right MLM compensation plan, you are halfway through! We will help you choose the apt plan corresponding to your business needs and payout schemes.

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Features of Secure MLM Software

We have developed a direct selling software that is enriched with state of art features to assist you in managing your mlm system like a breeze.


10 + Years of experience

With an immensely huge experience of more than a decade in developing MLM software, we know the pros and cons of every aspect of network marketing software and have implemented only the best in our software.


Our MLM software is equipped to handle multiple currencies and multiple languages so that you won’t have to set any boundaries to your network marketing business.

24×7 Customer Support

We have a fully dedicated team to assist you with any issue or query at all times.

Training on Software Installation

We give our customers the adequate training and support required for installing the software and further usage.

Payment Gateway
Epin & E-wallet
Support Ticket System
Multi Language
Multi Currency
Automatic Backup
Responsive Design

Supported Packages

SECURE MLM is integrated with all major e-commerce platforms and payment gateways to enable fast and secure transactions:

SECURE MLM supports all plans

Keeping in mind the diverse plans and compensation schemes employed by each network marketing company, we have designed the software to accommodate all major Network Marketing Plans.

  • 1
    Binary MLM Plan

    A Binary Plan is a two Legged structure used in Multi-Level Marketing where each new distributors or members are placed in either left (Power leg) or right subtree (profit leg). The commissions are calculated on the basis of business volume and not levels.

  • 3
    Linear Compensation Plan

    Linear compensation plans are structured as a downward thread of distributors, one under the other, growing continually as new distributors join.

  • 2
    Forced Matrix Plan

    Matrix Plan is in the form of a pyramidal structure that is arranged into a fixed number of width (rows) and depth (columns) that restricts the number of distributors you can sponsor on your first level.

  • 4
    Hybrid MLM Plan

    Built on the concept of one salesforce classification, there are no sales leaders in this plan. Everyone in the network is regarded as a distributor. Compensation is worked up based on how long a distributor has been a part of the downline.


Manage business on the go with MLM Mobile Application.

We introduce MLM mobile apps ( in Android and iOS platforms) to help you be in touch with your business anywhere at any time. Manage your Direct Selling business like bonus generation, new user registration etc on a single touch.

Have you tried our free MLM calculator?

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Add-on modules

Power Packed Modules to bring out the best in your business

A great lineup of add-ons to get you started in the business right away!

What our customer say about us

Customers SecureMLMSoftware Support

Anna Johnson

It was great working with Secure MLM software. The design team left nothing to fate and the product works perfectly. Super fast delivery too. Thank you for this! I would recommend them to any MLM enthusiast like me or even a beginner!.

Eric Black

Secure MLM has developed a software that is unbeatable. I have ample experience in the MLM field, and the software you have introduced has been the best yet, even in my limited budget. And your customer support is also commendable. Hats off to the team!

John Collins

The customisation option the team provided us with has worked wonders. Your customised software is perfect for our company which is the best in MLM business. The software is so user-friendly, it can even be operated by beginners at our company. Thank you, Secure MLM

Blockchain Application Development

Cryptocurrency exchange software

We provide a robust system to convert coin from one platform to another.

ICO Software

Initial coin offering helps for raising capital in a crowdfund methodology.

Hyper Ledger

Build applications in Finance, Banking, IoT, Manufacturing, and Technology.


Exploit the power of digital money for implementing innovative ideas.

ERC20 Token

Create well-secured tokens on the Ethereum platform that can be sold, traded or exchanged over all channels of communication.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is open, traceable and irreversible, and high security offered.

Why choose us?

Well, cause you deserve nothing but the best. With years of experience in developing MLM software, we guarantee you the best of services in development and post-installation service of your MLM software.

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