What is Unilevel MLM Software ?

Unilevel MLM plan is a compensation structure that is easy to understand and enables members to extend their downlines without constraints on the distributor numbers they can add to their frontline. Businesses can efficiently manage their MLM companies with the help of this software, which is an effective tool. It provides a variety of functions and reports that can help companies enhance their direct selling while also facilitating them to more accurately track their selling, commissions, and leads.

How does the Unilevel MLM Plan Work ?

Under the Unilevel MLM plan, each distributor can sponsor only one new distributor at each level. You will be added to your first level if you sponsor one distributor, and to your second level if you sponsor two new distributors. Regardless of their level, distributors are rewarded for referring new distributors at any level. A Unilevel plan user makes a percentage of the profits generated by their downline members. For instance, if a downline member makes a $1000 sale & receives a 10% commission, the recruiting member is given a $100 commission.

Bonuses in Unilevel MLM Plan

Sponsor Bonus

A bonus that is offered to sponsors or distributors to encourage them to promote their business and acquire new members to their downline.

Fast Start Bonus

A set sum is paid to the joining new member. This bonus is a one-time benefit for new members who sign up for the network. To be eligible for this bonus, the member must meet a specific goal.

Rank Advancement Bonus

This rank advancement bonus is earned when a distributor progresses to higher ranks specified by the MLM organization based on particular rank criteria.

Leadership Bonus

The leadership bonus is given to distributors who achieve specified bonus conditions in order to earn a portion of the MLM business turnover.

Advantages of Unilevel MLM Plan

Simple Plan

Easy to understand and explain to prospects as there are minimal complications involved.

Stable earnings

Members of the network can earn reliable revenue from their endeavors and the team’s actions.

Less Compensation Overflow

Beneficial for companies as there is less compensation overflow compared to other MLM plans.


Increased flexibility can be experienced in the compensation structure.

Unleash the potential of your direct selling business with Secure Unilevel MLM Software

Secure Unilevel MLM software provides cutting-edge software & technological solutions to boost direct selling businesses. The software’s rich functionalities and resources can help MLM businesses more actively handle their everyday tasks.

Unilevel MLM software is a useful tool for making the recruitment process for members into MLM companies easier. This software allows you to manage all of your downline members, future outlook, and clients in one place. By doing this, MLM businesses can more easily follow up with leads and clients and connect with their downline.

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Experience Seamless Performance with Secure MLM Software

Acquiring clients

By providing excellent service to customers with a heavily guarded level and personalization, as well as by promoting consumer loyalty, customer retention can be improved.

Quality enriched leads

Unilevel MLM software should have specially designed content delivery systems in order to generate excellent leads that meet the needs of customers

High Secure Payments

Your financial transactions are kept private due to safe payment options, e-wallet platforms, & electronic pins. This gives clients the confidence & trust they require for the company to resume operations.

Business Regulation

If you are knowledgeable about current market trends and customer requirements, constructing smart decisions will be better and easier for you to enhance your growth strategy.

Easy to Customize

We offer cutting-edge software solutions tailored to the unique needs of your company along with a heavily encrypted, sophisticated quick fix on which you can concentrate mainly.

Solid Architecture

Any modifications to the Unilevel MLM software won’t have an effect on the company. It can easily adjust to changing market demands because it is designed to be flexible, adaptable, and secure.


Members of MLM networks can track and manage their selling through it. To help members keep track of their purchases, the e-store also has a shopping cart.

Precise commission calculations

Commission payments are concise & instantaneous, with various payout options available. The commission analytics on the dashboard helps to notify smart compensation decisions.

Finance Evaluation Report

This provides a thorough review of the total income, spendings, and balance of those companies, facilitating MLM companies to plan their available options relying upon how well they are presently doing.

Revenue and Expense Report

This gives a comprehensive report on earnings and profit margins and helps with the tracking of purchases done using the MLM software.

Team Building

Internal processes can be made more efficient and versatile by facilitating straightforward communication and precise information exchange.

Day & Night Support

This guarantees that all users of the MLM software have a happy impression and that any issues are resolved quickly and effectively by promptly responding to their concerns or questions..

Unilevel MLM Calculator

Unilevel MLM Calculator supports direct selling experts in estimating their earning capacity from a Unilevel business model. The calculator accounts for variables like the size of your downline, the usual commission, and the level of effort you are prepared to invest into expanding your business. The software is made to provide you with a reasonable estimation of your lifetime earnings helping you in choosing how to operate your company.

Try our free Unilevel MLM Calculator Demo if you wish to calculate your Unilevel MLM commissions.

How does the Unilevel MLM Commission Calculation Works ?

Unilevel MLM commissions offered by the Unilevel MLM Plan are dependent on the number of levels to which a distribution company has sold the product. The more advanced the level to which a supplier has made profits, the greater the commission they will acquire. The Unilevel MLM calculator calculates commission rate generally by expressing it as a percentage of the product’s purchase price.

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Tailored Back Office Features

Unilevel Tree Settings

Depending on a member’s account, position, subscription package, and status, the screen icons can be altered, allowing tooltips to display information about the member’s joining, such as their first name, whether they prefer right or left carry, and several other things.

Distributor Resources

The balance of sales allows users to build their MLM company and grow their network. Distributors can track one’s progress more easily if one sets goals for themselves

Generating Leads

This shows how easy it is to use their good or service and gives people more information about what they’re looking for. A well-thought-out lead generation system will boost a business’s sales

Payment Portal

Due to the software’s integration with contemporary payment service methods, processing cash, debit, and credit card payments is simple and keeping accurate financial records is also straightforward.

Multiple Languages

MLM software allows users to access services regardless of time or location by supporting different places and time zones. This broadens the service’s geographic coverage while improving its capabilities.

Multiple Currencies

The thorough multi-currency integration provides simple purchasing, inspection, and revenue functionality. This will help scale up future growth regardless of location.

CRM Integration

It is possible to plan and organise the MLM business effectively, providing the firm access to essential customer information, and facilitating them to track and control their sales cycle because of our CRM integration.

E-commerce Integration

We offer comprehensive and specialised solutions for companies by integrating e-commerce to experience easy-to-use shopping cart solutions, assisting them in standardising processes and boosting revenue & profits..

Ticket Management System

A ticket system is offered by secure MLM software to track user queries and ensure that they are immediately resolved. This can be used to prioritise urgent requests so that you can respond to them swiftly.

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