Unilevel MLM plan is employed by most of the modern MLM business companies due to its simplicity. This plan works well for both small and large scale business organizations. Our Unilevel MLM Software is systemized with all the activities those are done by the MLM companies.The main objective of the plan is to recruit as many members and the line them evenly. Each affiliate recruits newcomers in the front line, introducing them at any width. A person can sponsor only one line of distributors. There are no limitations in the width of the plan.There would be no spillover in this case, unlike other MLM plans. Hence, each member can add as many members in his downline, thereby building a stronger and longer network downline.The fee is normally paid up to a limited depth that has been decided by the company. The payment structure is regulated by insisting on a minimum member volume to be required to earn a commission. Hence this is a very convenient plan for part-timers. Due to the simplicity of the plan, it is very easy to understand. The training imparted to the employees is also very less when compared to other plans.

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Unilevel MLM Compensation Calculator1

    The Unilevel MLM comprises three types of compensation schemes to increase the stability and keep the team on its toes.

    • 1. Sponsor Bonus
    • 2. Fast Start Bonus
    • 3. Level Commission

Sponsor Bonus

It is paid as an encouragement to the sponsors or distributors to promote business and recruit new members to their downline.

Fast Start Bonus

It is the predetermined amount payable per new recruit. This bonus provided a starter benefit for enrolling new member. To qualify for this bonus, a member has to achieve a target.

Level Commission

The amount payable to the distributor from the sales achieved by the downline members is called the level commission. The unilevel plan has an unlimited direct downline in the first level and each of those members can have their own unlimited downline members. Hence, unilevel plan members can earn huge income.

Let us assume that a business volume of 1000 is paid out by a 4 level deep unilevel plan.

Dividend from the directly sponsored members:

First level will be 25 % of business volume, ie. 25% of 1000 $ = 250$

In the second level, it will be 10 % business volume, i.e 10 % of 1000 = $100.

In third level, it will be 5% of business volume ,i.e 5% of 1000 = 50$.

In fourth level, it will be 2.5 % of the business volume , ie, 2.5 % of 1000 = 25$.

Therefore a total of 425 $ will be compensated from that business network at that point of time.

Unilevel MLM is the easiest of all MLM business plans. A methodical and well-structured software is a requisite for managing a growing Unilevel MLM business due to unlimited downline growth. Try free demo of our unilevel MLM software today!