Unilevel MLM plan is employed by most modern MLM business companies due to its simplicity. The main purpose of the plan is to enlist as many distributors and line them evenly. Each member recruits newcomers in the front line, inducting them at any width. There are no restrictions on the width of the plan and there would be no spillover. The commission structure is regulated by insisting on a minimum member volume to be required to earn a commission.

How does the Unilevel MLM Plan work?

  • Members recruited by a sponsor are all placed at the same level.
  • Up to a certain depth of the distribution line, commissions are awarded.
  • The MLM company determines the depth of the plan. Single-tier compensation plans typically have 5-10 tiers.
  • The main goal of the plan is to recruit as many people as possible and align them equally.
  • Each affiliate recruits frontline members and introduces them to the rest of the organization.
  • A person can sponsor only one line of distributors.
  • There is no restriction on the width of the outline.
  • Because there are no downlines, any member can add as many people as they want to their downline, resulting in a larger and more powerful network.

Bonuses in Unilevel MLM Plan

The Unilevel MLM plan includes five types of compensation plans to increase stability and keep the team on their toes.

  1. Sponsor Bonus
  2. Fast Start Bonus
  3. Level Commission
  4. Rank Advancement Bonus
  5. Leadership Bonus

Sponsor Bonus

A bonus that is offered to sponsors or distributors to encourage them to promote their business and acquire new members to their downline.

Fast Start Bonus

A set sum is paid to the joining new member. This bonus is a one-time benefit for new members who sign up for the network. To be eligible for this bonus, the member must meet a specific goal.

Level Commission

A percentage of sales generated by downline members are paid to distributors. In a unilevel plan, each member can have an unlimited number of downlines.

Rank Advancement Bonus

This rank advancement bonus is earned when a distributor progresses to higher ranks specified by the MLM organization based on particular rank criteria.

Leadership Bonus

The leadership bonus is given to distributors who achieve specified bonus conditions in order to earn a portion of the MLM business turnover.

Key benefits of Unilevel MLM Plan

Simple Plan

Easy to understand and explain to prospects as there are minimal complications involved.

Stabiles Einkommen

Members of the network can earn reliable revenue from their endeavors and the team's actions.

Less Compensation Overflow

Beneficial for companies as there is less compensation overflow compared to other MLM plans.


Increased flexibility can be experienced in the compensation structure.

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Let us assume that a business volume of 1000 is paid out by a 4 level deep unilevel plan.

Dividend from the directly sponsored members:

First level will be 25 % of business volume, ie. 25% of 1000 $ = 250$

In the second level, it will be 10 % business volume, i.e 10 % of 1000 = $100.

In third level, it will be 5% of business volume ,i.e 5% of 1000 = 50$.

In fourth level, it will be 2.5 % of the business volume , ie, 2.5 % of 1000 = 25$.

Therefore a total of 425 $ will be compensated from that business network at that point of time.

Unilevel MLM is the easiest of all MLM business plans. A methodical and well-structured software is a requisite for managing a growing Unilevel MLM business due to unlimited downline growth. Try free demo of our unilevel MLM software today!

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