Are you curious about the top MLM and network marketing companies in the world in 2023? Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to join a new venture or just someone interested in the MLM industry, this list is the perfect starting point.
MLM has been around for decades, but with the rise of technology and the internet, it’s now easier than ever to start and grow an MLM business. And that’s where MLM software comes in. It’s a vital tool for managing and tracking all aspects of an MLM business, from recruiting and training new distributors to processing orders and tracking commission
Now, back to the list of top MLM and network marketing companies. This comprehensive ranking includes some of the biggest and most successful companies in the industry, based on factors such as revenue, growth, and global reach.
So without any further ado, let’s begin the journey of exploration of the leading 100 MLM network marketing companies worldwide in 2023.

List of Top Network Marketing Companies in 2023

MLM, or multi-level marketing, is a business model in which individuals earn commissions not only for the sales they generate, but also for the sales made by the people they recruit into the business. MLM companies have been around for decades, and while some have achieved great success, others have been criticized for being pyramid schemes.
However, it’s important to do your due diligence and thoroughly research any MLM company before getting involved. Go through the network marketing success stories to know how profitable these businesses are.
We have provided top companies based on their success and growth in the industry.

Top 10 MLM Companies in the World

New companies often come and go in the list of top 100 MLM companies. However, the companies at the top often stay up there and maintain their leading positions. These are the top 10 MLM companies that have secured the top 10 positions in our list of 100 MLM companies.

1. Amway


Amway Corporation, the leader in multilevel marketing (MLM), develops and sells its own products as well as brand-name products from other firms through a worldwide network of three million independent distributors. Unlike many other MLM companies, Amway sold a wide range of products, including cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and vitamins, as well as travel services, discounted automobile purchases, and much more.

2. Natura Cosmeticos


Natura Cosmeticos SA is a cosmetics company that develops, manufactures, distributes, and sells a wide range of cosmetic goods. Deodorants, sunscreens, lotions, creams, lipsticks, and perfumes are among the company’s offerings. Antônio Luiz da Cunha Seabra and Guilherme Peiro Leal started the company in 1969, and it is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

3. Herbalife


Herbalife International markets and sells a comprehensive range of weight control and dieting goods, cosmetics, and general health and nutrition items through a global network of over one million independent distributors in 50 countries. Despite criticism of its marketing strategies, product ingredients, and distribution techniques, the company has thrived.


4. Vorwerk


Vorwerk & Co. has been a mainstay in German and homes all over the world for over a century. Vorwerk & Co., primarily through a direct sales network, designs, manufactures and sells household appliances and fitted kitchens. Through its Brugman subsidiary, Vorwerk also distributes its own and third-party kitchen and bathroom equipment.

5. Infinitus


Infinitus is an Asian multi-networking giant that specializes in herbal health care. It is the owner of the Lee Kum Kee brand, which is one of the most famous cooking brands in the world today. It is currently distributing its products in over 100 countries with a large number of representatives and looks primed to grow globally in the future.

6. Avon Products


Avon is one of the pioneers of the MLM industry founded by David McConnell who was a book salesman in 1886. The company is currently headquartered in London and sells cosmetics, skincare, bath and body products, haircare, oral care, fragrance, jewellery, fashion, wellness, and daily essentials. Here, You are not compensated for recruiting new members, only for the sales they make.

7. Coway


Coway is a multi level marketing company based in South Korea developed in 1989. Today, it can be found in over 40 countries. Their products include air purifiers, humidifiers, air cleaners, air filters, air coolers, etc. Coway MLM is a popular programme for people looking to start a home-based business. Depending on the plan you choose, they offer a variety of different compensation plans, bonuses, commissions, and rewards.

8. Mary Kay


Mary Kay is considered as an iconic brand in the beauty sector. It is one of the world’s largest multi level marketing companies with distributors all over the world. It is a US-based cosmetics company, founded in 1963. Mary Kay sells products like makeup, skincare products, body creams and sunscreens, fragrances.

9. Melaleuca


Melaleuca is a wellness nutritional, cosmetic, and personal care based company founded in 1985 and headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. While the majority of Melaleuca’s business remains in the United States and Canada, international sales accounted for 45 percent of its revenues.

10. Nu Skin


Nu Skin Enterprise was founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, Sandy Tillotson, and Steve Lund. The company’s main business originated in the United States, and it began its first international operations in Canada; but today, the company operates in 53 countries worldwide. Personal Care and Dietary Supplements are among the products available

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How to Choose the Best Network Marketing Company to Join?

As we know, there are legitimate as well as pyramid schemes in the MLM industry. Hence, it’s important to think twice while choosing the best one. So, how can you choose the best company and ensure network marketing success?
Below are some tips you have to look at before joining a MLM company.

  • A profound research about the company
  • Know what products they offer
  • An idea on their business strategy
  • Can you earn a good amount of income?
  • Their compensation plan

Using these steps, you can pick out the company that suits you the best.

Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India

Did you know that network marketing is now a $168 billion industry spanning hundreds of countries? The MLM industry is rapidly expanding, and current network marketing statistics indicate that this trend will likely continue.

In India alone, there are over 50 top network marketing companies that are currently active. This is a clear indication that the future of network marketing in India looks bright and is expected to generate even more revenue going forward. Here are the top network marketing companies in India.

Sl.No Company Established Year Remarks
1 Amway 1996 Over 140 health, nutrition, beauty, and home care products. Amway is expected to reach a turnover of Rs 20000 crores in the coming years.
2 Modicare 1995 Products include Wellness, skincare, personal care, home care, food and beverages, watches, tech, jewelry, and others. Modicare has amassed revenue of more than Rs 2023 crores in 2022.
3 RCM 1986 Products comprises food, stationery, computers & electronics, readymade, winter solutions, sarees, dress materials, textiles, accessories, footwear, plastic ware, agriculture & more.
4 Forever Living 1886 Company has been around for more than 40 years and has millions of distributors spread across 160 nations.
The revenue in India is expected to be between INR 1 cr – and 100 cr for 2022
5 IMC 2007 This Company sells products based on health and personal care with its head office in Ludhiana.
6 Herbalife Produces protein bars, teas, vitamins supplements,sports beverages, energy drinks, etc.
Herbalife’s operating revenues in India are predicted to be more than 500 crores for the 2022 FY.
7 Vestige 2004 Vestige has over 3000 sales outlets spread across the country. It holds the 30th position in the DSN 100 list for 2020 with revenue more than INR 500 cr for the financial year 2022.
8 DXN Operating in over 180 nations with seven million-plus distributors and over 1500 employees. DXN’s revenue in India is between INR 100 cr – 500 cr for 2022
9 Oriflame Swedish beauty products manufacturer operating in India for over 25 years. Oriflame’s revenue in India is over INR 500 crores for the financial year 2022.
10 Mi Lifestyle 2013 Products in the agrocare, healthcare, homecare, and personal care sectors. Mi Lifestyle’s revenue in 2022 is estimated to be more than 916 crores.

Top 10 MLM Companies in USA

Did you know that most of the highest paying MLM companies in the world are actually based in the United States? That’s right, the US has become a hub for the MLM industry, with many top companies operating within its borders. Here is the list of top 10 MLM companies in the USA.

Sl.No Company Headquarters Products Annual Revenue(2022)
1 Amway Ada, Michigan Health, beauty, and home care products $8.5 billion
2 Herbalife LA, California Weight control, dietary supplements, personal care, and sports nutrition $5.5 billion
3 Mary Kay Texas Cosmetics and skincare products $3 billion
4 Melaleuca North America wellness products, supplements, and functional foods $2.7 billion
5 Nu Skin Provo, Utah Skincare products, dietary supplements $2.58 billion
6 Forever Living Scottsdale, Arizona Aloe Vera, a natural plant with powerful therapeutic properties $2.5 billion
7 Young Living Lehi, Utah Essential oils $1 billion
8 Primerica Duluth, Georgia Insurance,Investment funds,Credit monitoring,Debt management plans $2.2 billion
9 DoTerra Pleasant Grove, Utah Essential oils, home products $1.2 billion
10 eXp Realty Bellingham, Washington Cloud-based real estate brokerage $1 billion

Product Category Sales Share of the Direct Selling Industry in the United States in 2021

Compensation Plans of Top MLM Companies

Choosing the best MLM compensation plan that fits your company’s value can be difficult in multi-level marketing or direct selling. Choosing the best compensation plan in network marketing requires careful consideration of many factors among the infinite possibilities and combinations.


Direct Selling Market Size – US Market in 2023

MLM companies have a significant economic impact as they create jobs and provide entrepreneurial opportunities to people all over the world. In recent years, the MLM industry has faced some scrutiny over its business practices, with some companies accused of operating as pyramid schemes. However, reputable MLM companies operate legally and have played an important role in driving innovation and entrepreneurship.

MLM is currently turning back the clock by embracing modern technology and focusing on developing a more customer-centric approach. Today’s network marketing companies use social media and e-commerce platforms to reach a larger audience and improve the customer experience. The multilevel marketing industry is evolving as well, with a growing emphasis on sustainability and ethical business practices. As a result, MLM businesses are becoming more popular among younger generations who value social responsibility and environmental impact.
While there are some concerns about MLM companies, reputable companies operate within legal boundaries and contribute positively to the economy. With a renewed focus on customer experience, sustainability, and ethical practices, the MLM industry is poised for continued growth and success in the future.

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No More Doubts: Your Top Questions are Answered Here

1.Which is the top MLM in the world?

Ans) Amway is a key player in the MLM industry, with a notable market share and impressive financial performance. The company gained $8.9 billion in annual revenue, making it one of the most successful MLM in the world.

2. Which is the fastest growing Network Marketing company in India?

Ans) Vestige is expanding at an unprecedented rate each year. With its unique free product offering, it has over 200 products in its portfolio that cover almost every segment. Vestige sells the majority of FMCG products at both competitive and traditional prices.

3. Where are the most MLM companies established?

Ans) 56% of the MLM companies are based in the US. China comes in second with 12%.

4. What types of products are typically sold by MLM companies?

MLM Companies sell a variety of products across different industries like health and wellness, beauty and skin care, hair care products, fashion and accessories, kitchenware and cookware, etc.

5.. Does MLM have a future?

Ans) As long as you are aware of the goods and services offered by the company and are confident that it is not a scam, MLM business will boom in the near future, especially since the demand for high-quality products is increasing and people are seeking more independence in their careers than ever before

6. Which are the top MLM companies in Canada?

Ans) Immunotec Research and Opulence Global are the current top MLM companies in Canada.

7. Is MLM legal in India?

Ans) In India, multi-level marketing is a legal form of business. However, several illegal and fraudulent MLM companies operate in the country and use pyramid schemes to entice more people to buy faulty products and even scam them out of their money.

8. Which Is the Top-Rated Network Marketing Company?

Ans) Amway is the top rated network marketing company with $8.8 billion in annual revenue and a company net worth of $4 billion. Then there’s Jeunesse, which has $8 billion in annual revenue and an annual growth rate of 17%.

9. Which companies were awarded by DSA in 2022

Ans) The Direct Selling Association (DSA) – Awards Winners 2022

  1. Excellence in Business : Herbalife Nutrition
  2. Technology Innovation : Pampered Chef
  3. Marketing/Sales Campaigns: Arbonne International
  4. Vision for Tomorrow : Young Living
  5. Product Innovation : Scentsy
  6. Partnership : Rallyware
10. Is MLM always a Pyramid Scheme?

No, not all multi-level marketing businesses are illegal or employ a pyramid scheme. Many MLM companies follow a completely legal business strategy and prioritise generating good sales over recruiting new members.


The world of MLM and network marketing continues to evolve and expand, with countless companies vying for attention and success. Our list of the top 100 MLM and network marketing companies in the world for 2023 offers a diverse and comprehensive look at the ones who are making waves and pushing boundaries. Hope this article was useful to you for many purposes.

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