Stair Step breakaway Plan is one of those MLM plans that has unlimited growth potential and distributors with good selling skills make a beeline to join the plan. Also called stair step plan, it is one of the oldest plan that is in use till date.The main objective of the plan is to recruit as many members and the line them evenly. Each affiliate recruits newcomers in the front line, introducing them at any width. A person can sponsor only one line of distributors. There are no limitations in the width of the plan.There would be no spillover in this case, unlike other MLM plans. Hence, each member can add as many members in his downline, thereby building a stronger and longer network downline.The fee is normally paid up to a limited depth that has been decided by the company. The payment structure is regulated by insisting on a minimum member volume to be required to earn a commission. Hence this is a very convenient plan for part-timers. Due to the simplicity of the plan, it is very easy to understand. The training imparted to the employees is also very less when compared to other plans.

How does the Stair Step Breakaway MLM Plan work?

  • The Stair Step Breakaway plan begins with an unlimited number of front-line roles, similar to a Unilevel MLM plan.
  • Each level has a percentage that is assigned to it as it progresses deeper.
  • There are normally group volume requirements for earning the rank as the team expands.
  • The team will "Break Away" as it grows in size, and the member will earn a significantly smaller commission on the entire group.
  • After that, they "break away" from their upline and cease to be a part of their upline's network.
  • When a distributor breaks away, he or she is entitled to even higher commissions.

Bonuses in Stair Step Breakaway MLM Plan

Bonuses in the Stair Step Breakaway MLM Plan are delivered based on individual efforts as well as team efforts.

  1. Sales bonus
  2. Overriding bonus
  3. Fast start bonus

Sales bonus

When downline members sell products or sponsor new members, they receive a share of the sale as a bonus.

Overriding bonus

Members receive a sales bonus for adding new distributors. Then, a higher-ranked upline will receive an overriding bonus which is the difference in sales bonus percentage of the member and the upline.

Fast start bonus

Distributors are rewarded a bonus if they meet specific conditions within a certain time frame set by the network marketing companies. Fast start bonus Distributors are rewarded a bonus if they meet specific conditions within a certain time frame set by the network marketing companies.

Key benefits of Stair Step Breakaway MLM Plan

Ensures distributor activity

To progress through the ranks, distributors have to put in the work individually rather than as a group.

Sales improvement

The compensation plan is structured in such a way that product sales get improved regularly.

High revenue

The stairstep breakaway plan has the potential to provide a high income for full-time distributors.

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