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Get professional guidance regarding many aspects of your network marketing with our MLM consulting services. Our team has established and launched hundreds of MLM businesses and has years of industry experience. Let's work together to take you one step closer to MLM success.

Why Do You Need MLM Consulting?

Find ideal compensation plans
There are plenty of MLM compensation plans available today, and finding the one best suited for your company can be a difficult task. Experts can help you choose the ideal compensation.
Technical Complications
MLM companies use the latest technologies to manage different aspects of their businesses. Experts can help you choose the latest technology tools for your business.
Network Management
Distributor engagement and retention are some of the most important aspects of any MLM network. Optimize your network management with the help of experts.

Binary E-commerce MLM Plan

Convert your online business to MLM with the most popular compensation plan.

A Binary Plan is a type of multi-level marketing organizational structure. Here, new members are added to a system that resembles a tree, with each new network member having a left and right subtree. Each member of the plan is required to find and sponsor two new members, which might potentially result in the rapid growth of the network in a short time.

  • Opportunity to maximize sales productivity.
  • Enables members to recruit new representatives and strategically balance spillover.
  • Potential for rapid growth.
  • Easy for recruits to understand the commission structure, get engaged, and start earning.
  • Representatives benefit as new representatives come on board.
  • Inspires teamwork.
  • Profit margin depends solely on the downline team remaining active.
  • Keeping the legs balanced and high-producing can sometimes be a challenge.
  • If the gap between legs is allowed to get too wide, recruiting could become difficult.

Matrix e-commerce MLM Plan

Transform your e-commerce business into MLM with a compensation plan that promotes growth and profits.

The Matrix MLM plan, sometimes referred to as the Ladder Plan or Forced Matrix, is a growth-oriented compensation strategy. The width and depth of the plan are well defined. The amount of referrals you can make is capped by the matrix plan's breadth. Networkers are encouraged to grow their downlines because of the structure of the plan.

  • Matrix plan promotes self-growth and supports team growth.
  • Since levels are limited, ambiguity in distributor training, payout, and compensation calculation are removed.
  • Fixed width and depth help to manage the network smoothly.
  • Income compensated on each level is varying.
  • More motivation for suppliers to help some distributors of their network but not others.

Unilevel e-commerce MLM Plan

Take your e-commerce business to MLM with the simplest MLM compensation plan.

The Unilevel plan is one of the simplest types of network marketing compensation programs. The distributor is permitted to support an unlimited number of first-level distributors under these plans. The first lines of associates are where compensation is earned. The amount of sales of their first line determines the fixed and occasionally variable percentages that are paid.

  • Easy to understand and explain to prospects as there are minimal complications involved.
  • Members can generate stable income from their efforts and the team's efforts.
  • Beneficial for companies as there is less compensation overflow.
  • Widely implemented and suited for companies of all sizes.
  • Increased flexibility in compensation structure.
  • Encourages sales.
  • Downlines can use stacking to deprive uplines of commissions.
  • Lack of commissions for beginners.

Nate was struggling to get his e-commerce business up and running. Then he came across Secure MLM's consulting services. Our team listened to his concerns and suggested integrating the Unilevel plan into his business.

We suggested it because he was a newcomer to MLM and the Unilevel plan is one of the simplest to understand and implement.

The plan enabled Nate to expand his business and effortlessly handle all the new members of the network. He also added new participants as his company grew exponentially. Commission calculations also became easy with the unilevel plan.

Our team recommended the Unilevel plan to Nate because it was ideal for small to medium-sized businesses to promote their products and services. Our consulting services helped take his business to new heights.

Our MLM Consulting Services

Software Solutions
Network marketing software can play a significant role in determining the success of your company. Without the aid of proper MLM software, managing a successful MLM network is all but impossible. We can assist you in choosing MLM software solutions best suited for your company.
Compensation Plan Solutions
We are aware of the complexities of the different MLM compensation structures. We can assist you in planning, designing, and developing strong MLM compensation plans. Develop your MLM company with a perfect compensation strategy that supports your business goals.
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