MLM is the multi-level marketing or network marketing business, which is an alluring business opportunity to expand your network marketing business by optimizing the various MLM plans as per the requirements

We will look into the different MLM plans and we also customize each plan as per our client requirements.

Binary Plan

MLM plan that helps to manage binary tree networks where a new distributor or new member needs to recruit two downlines to earn the MLM commission and the downlines need to do the same to continue the chain process of binary MLM structure.

Matrix Plan

MLM plan that is arranged into a fixed number matrix of width(row) and depth(column) where the new member or the new distributors are allowed to recruit only a certain number of downlines. i.e the width of the structure is fixed. However, the height of the matrix structure is not fixed.

Unilevel Plan

MLM plan where the width is not fixed. A new member can sponsor n number of downlines in a single front line and the downlines can do the same to continue the longer Unilevel plan structure (the height also not fixed)

Board Plan

Board Plan is a revolving matrix plan where it is structured for a limited number of board members as per the requirement.

Australian Binary Plan

Australian Binary plan is also known as Tri Binary plan where each new member can directly recruit two or more downlines.

Spill over Binary Plan

Spill over means overflowing of downline recruitment in case of a binary plan or Forced Matrix plan where the number of downlines is fixed. You can decide to place the spillover under any of the effective downlines

Australian X-Up Plan

Australian X-Up is an extract of Unilevel plan where the Uplines earn high benefits for the certain X downline sales happened through their downlines and the downlines earn the commission only after the X sales.

Generation MLM Plan

Generation MLM plan is also similar to the Unilevel MLM Plan. The plan is referred to as generations. A generation is a collection from upline to downline members. However, it involves the members of the same and different ranks.

Stair Step Plan

Stair-step is also known as stair step breakaway plan and which is similar to Unilevel plan where you can recruit n number of downlines in a single frontline and for each level after a certain number of downlines recruited the team will break away and a certain percentage is assigned for each level in earning the commission further.

Party MLM Plan

The MLM plan where the products are promoted through any party conducted by the marketers is called Party MLM plan. The products are displayed for sale during any party or function.

Donation Plan

Donation plan is also known as Gift Plan or Helping MLM plan where the gifting strategy of MLM is used for crowdfunding, donation programs, etc.

Hybrid MLM Plan

Hybrid MLM plan is a combination of binary and Unilevel Compensation plan. All the members are considered as distributors in this business plan.

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