Best MLM Compensation Plans

MLM companies around the world carry out a wide variety of compensation plans to attract more customers and provide them maximum value. Having an MLM Software that holds up all the network management, compensations, bonuses, and commission elements of your compensation plan is mandatory. Secure MLM software with all the advanced features, supports the latest and the most complex of compensation plans.

Binary Plan

Binary MLM plan is one of the oldest and most popular plans available in MLM. Most MLM companies opt for this plan.

Matrix Plan

Matrix MLM Plan is a compensation scheme in which members are arranged in a fixed number of rows and columns.

Unilevel Plan

The Unilevel Plan has only one business level, and all the downlines of a distributor are positioned directly in that level.

Stair Step plan

Companies that focus on increasing sales efficiency of the distributors usually go for a stair step breakaway plan.

Generation plan

The Generation MLM Plan’s functionality is based on profit sharing. It is also called Gap Commission Plan

MLM Gift Plan

In the Gift Plan, members send gifts or donations to someone and stand the chance to receive gifts from multiple members of the network.

Hybrid plan

The Hybrid MLM Plan combines the best parts of Unilevel and Binary MLM plan compensation structures.

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