This is an attempt to find out whether AIM (Alliance in Motion) is a genuine opportunity for MLM enthusiasts or not! Alliance in motion claims that it can turn a common person into an extraordinary millionaire. Whether that is true will be revealed in this AIM review.


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So let’s have a quick glance at AIM review from here


The Foundation

AIM Global is a multi-level marketing company based in the Philippines. It was founded in the year 2005 and offers nutritional supplements and beverages that are produced by Nature’s Way USA. The stated goal or principle of AIM is to maximize the market of its products and at the same time to help its distributors gain “financial independence and economic stability.”

The total outlook of Alliance in Motion appears to be good with a presence throughout the world and expansion every year.

But it’s always better to go with your gut instincts!

Type: Private
Industry: Multi Level Marketing
Founded: 2006
Founder: Eduardo C. Cabantog M.D, Francis Miguel, Raymond Asperin
Established in: Philippines
Area served: Worldwide
Products: Food Suppliment, Functional Beverages, Dietary Supplement, Personal Care

We will analyze whether AIM is a genuine opportunity or not in detail below.


What does AIM sell?

AIM sells nutritional and dietary supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way, Weider, and DSM.
Some of their products are given below:
Nutritional products: C24/7, Complete Phyto-Energizer, Choleduz Omega Supreme, Burn Slim etc.
Functional Beverages: My Choco, Burn Shake, Vida Drink Mix, Liven Coffee, BURN Mate Iced Tea.
Nutritional CosmeCeuticals: White light, Perfect White.
NaturaCeuticals: Naturacentials Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar, Naturacentials Natural Masculine Wash, Naturacentials Natural Feminine Wash, Naturacentials Herbal Toothpaste.


Most Popular Products of AIM

Their global focus is on improving their customer’s health. The most popular product of AIM is C24/7 Natura Ceutical. According to the AIM, it has all the complete daily nutritional requirements and the highest antioxidant components – 22,000 phytonutrients in an all-alkaline vegetable capsule. They also claim that it’s been clinically tested to guard against 100 diseases. Be aware, though, since its products haven’t been approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). There are also possibilities that the claims made by AIM may be untrue.


The cost to join AIM Global

Their smallest startup package, called the Global Package (Starter), costs $260. The package includes discounted products, a start-up sales kit, online access, personal accident insurance, as well as coverage for a medical checkup and a transferable scholarship certificate. Also, you should attend an Opportunity Plan Presentation and will be assigned a sponsor.


Is AIM a scam?

AIM Global is definitely not a scam.
But their promises about how much you’ll make as a distributor feels like a little exaggerated.


Is it advisable to join AIM Global?

The products sold by them seems to be legitimate, but if you are just interested in the business opportunity, there are definitely far better options out there…


Compensation Plan

AIM Global provides six ways where the distributors can earn money:

  • Retailing
  • Direct Sponsoring
  • Match Sales Bonus
  • Uni-Level Bonus
  • Stair-Step Bonus
  • Royalty Income

Retailing offers the distributors a chance to resell AIM Global products after purchasing them with a 25% discount.
In Direct sponsoring, the distributors can sell a package of products to new distributors. AIM Global offers more than half a dozen different packages. And every package which is sold to a new distributor gives the original distributor a bonus of 11 USD.
A Match Sales Bonus is worth $33 and comes from earning product points or a sponsored distributor earning product points.
A Uni-Level bonus is a dynamic compression structure that gives quality distributors bonuses on up to 10 levels.
The Stair-Step Bonus mechanism allows the distributors to climb the ladder up based on global points acquired through group sales accumulation.
Royalty Income offers you a 2% commission when a distributor is promoted up each of the five levels of being a Global Ambassador with Alliance in Motion.


Pros of AIM

One of the major positives of AIM Global is that it offers distributors six multiple ways to make money. It can be really a little confusing. But offers the best for those who are dedicated to making a substantial amount of money. AIM Global offers a lifetime discount of 25% on all AIM Global products. Even the new distributors are able to receive a free medical checkup when they join the company.
Each and every distributor AIM Global is given its own page on the company’s website to help them keep track of all sales and transactions. There are also three different ways distributors can claim payments, giving them plenty of flexibility and freedom.


Cons of AIM

One of the main con of AIM Global is the lack of information about the company, most notably no report from the Better Business Bureau.AIM Global also puts a lot of pressure on the distributors to sponsor others and grow their sales team. The company limits the number of sales that can take place within a given period. The distributors will need to learn about all these stipulations and adjust their sales accordingly to make sure that they receive full credit for their sales. Such conditions could be frustrating for the majority.



Only a very little information is available about AIM Global, which adds to the risk of joining it as a distributor. But still, it’s certainly possible to experience significant financial gain from joining the business.
The startup fee which AIM Global offers is different based on your level of commitment to the company.
The company encourages distributors to join at the highest levels possible, which means putting down more money upfront, which obviously increases the risk, but it also opens up the possibility of earning higher rewards.
AIM Global is perfect for someone who has the time and willingness to put in the work necessary to succeed in a multi-level marketing business.
Apart from with the right attitude, the real situation could be really difficult since making large volumes of sales isn’t a guarantee, unless you find out the right the market out there.
To conclude, AIM Global is a high-risk, high-reward venture. Not much can be learned about the company or its products which is very much essential for gaining the confidence to join AIM Global.

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