In this post, I am going to reveal powerful strategies to deal with network marketing haters.

Network marketing has made multiple millionaires like Nancy Dornan or Rolf Kipp who are raking in millions of dollars each year. On top of that, some network marketing pros are even passing their secrets to new breeds of network marketers and pushing them on the path of unprecedented success.

It doesn’t mean that network marketing doesn’t receive a fair share of criticism. On top of that, pyramid schemes have further tainted the reputation of network marketing. As a result, you will meet plenty of network marketing haters full of skepticism and negativity.

If you are a network marketer, dealing with such haters is a real challenge. It becomes essential to deal with network marketing haters, otherwise, they could significantly hamper your progress.

How can you do that? Let me tell you the most effective methods.

Why do some people have negative opinions about network marketing?

Before I introduce you to the methods of dealing with network marketing haters, you must understand why they have negative opinions in the first place. It will give you better insights into the issue.

some people spread gossips for network marketing

I will give you a short overview;

  • Misunderstanding about the underlying concept and structure of network marketing.
  • Negative experience why any specific network marketing company.
  • Confusing between legitimate network marketing opportunities and illegal pyramid schemes.
  • Aggressive recruitment tactics adopted by some network marketers.
  • The stigma surrounding the ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme.’

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Deal with Network Marketing Haters Like a Pro

You know the underlying cause of hate amongst a few people for network marketing. Let’s see how can you face the negativity and continue on your path to success;

How successful you will be in MLM is also determined by your communication skills. Likewise, you can mingle your communications prowess with empathy to deal with network marketing haters. If you have hate comments, respond with understanding and concern. Show your willingness to resolve issues and see the magic of how people turn from haters to admirers.

In most cases, people who are opposed to network marketing are due to negative stories they have heard where people have lost money. Counter this perception with positive stories of success – share the experience of your team, their success, and what they have achieved with network marketing. The positive narrative about network marketing will help you counteract the negativity around it.

If you maintain an online presence, implement a strict moderation policy. Promptly remove comments that paint a negative picture. Also, be quick to resolve any concerns mentioned in the comments. Likewise, don’t hesitate to block users constantly spreading hate against network marketing with their comments. Create a safe and respectful environment that resonates with positivity and attracts people to network marketing.

Awareness is the key to nullifying the negativity that surrounds network marketing and deals will haters. Invest in quality and engaging content that educates your audience about the benefits MLM offers. There’s a lot of misinformation about network marketing contributing to negative perceptions. Combat it with well-researched content and data-driven information.

Trust between network marketing companies and customers creates a positive environment and helps counter negativity. To forge strong connections with the audience, take actions that help you bond with your audience. You can share behind-the-scenes stories and events about your team and company. Share the achievements of your team and the positive thoughts about your brand. It will inculcate trust in people and clear any misunderstanding they might have about network marketing.


Frauds, Ponzi schemes, and shady MLM companies have indeed created a negative perception of network marketing as a whole. While it’s changing to deal with the negativity, it’s not impossible. 

Remember, action speaks louder than words – so work hard, achieve your goals, and help your team perform as well. Then don’t shy away from sharing your results, and that of your team too. When people see you perform well, and your MLM business delivers the promises it made, they will be positively influenced by it. 

Likewise, be positive about your outlook towards MLM – it will show up in your work and will help you deal with network marketing haters.

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