Infinitus is a Network Marketing Company which is Asian based and they mainly deal with herbal health care products of China. They promote their products worldwide and it is popular in Asia. They are leading in Asian countries and they are extending their service to spread their business globally due to their popularity in Asian countries.

In this article, you will be able to find a complete review of Infinitus.


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Infinitus Overview

In 1992, Infinitus came from Lee Kum Kee Group. This Lee Kum Kee Group is a food company and is based in Hong Kong. They have very rich experience in this industry. It is over 100 years they are selling their products.

They mainly focus on selling the sauces, which are completely Chinese based. They are providing their products to more than 100 countries in China. Lee Kum Kee is one of the leading food companies in China. It has its headquarters in Canada and in the United States.  

They have five other production companies. Two of them are based in China. The other three companies are based in Los Angeles, Malaysia, Hong Kong.  From this, you can see that the parent company of Infinitus has its service also in the United States.

Infinitus is run by the support and values of the food company ” Lee Kum Kee Group”. At the same time, Infinitus promoted Chinese health care products or medicines to all the corners of the world to expand their Multi-Level Marketing business.

In this way, it became the topmost Networking Company in China and it claims that it will extend its business strategies throughout the world to capture its own place in the MLM industry. Now we can see their main products of Infinitus.


The Product

The products are mainly health care products of China. They started promoting this product to improve the overall health and to prevent many diseases. They developed products by combining traditional and western Chinese medicines. There is no wide range of selection but there are four different groups of products.

# The Healthcare products-Infinitus

Combination of Chinese medicines like vitamins and herbs to boost the immunity and overall health

# Skincare products-Beautrio

To have clear and smooth skin, it is made up of the modern technology of skin care and herbs of China.

The products like creams, cleansers, and whiteners are made out of a combination of different technology of skin care.

# Personal care products-Phytocare

It consists of shower cream, toothpaste, conditioner, shampoo, breath spray, etc with natural components and Glycoside

# Homemade household products

Laundry detergent and dish wash detergent are the types of homemade household products to clean the clothes and dishes. These detergents are made out of plant ingredients. These detergents are also herbal.   


The Opportunity

Infinitus is expanding by extending its service globally. It offers a wide range of opportunities to its potential distributors and so they want anyone to join their network marketing business as distributors.

They also provide profitable rewards and the business is more appealing to all the people who want to start their career in Network Marketing. Infinitus also claims that it will be a business platform for all entrepreneurs and distributors. The distributors can lead their life with a  profitable income.

The company commission plan is in such a way that the potential distributors can earn 25% commission on the market price of the products.

Not only the commission the company also provides performance bonuses for the potential distributors as well as there are good opportunities for any leadership roles and bonuses for stable growth.

The bonuses for stable growth are not given because it is usually given for the top distributors of the company.

In overall, we can say that they have many types of bonuses at all the organizational levels. This is great evidence that they offer a wide range of opportunities to all the people who join as distributors in their company.


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Usually, there will be a doubt whether Infinitus is a credible and legitimate MLM company.

here the clarification is that the Parent company of Infinitus is one of the topmost food companies based in China.  

As we have seen the short history of Lee Kum Kee Group, it is very clear that their business is legitimate and you can trust the MLM business of Infinitus. Infinitus seems to expand its business by extending its services globally by making use of direct sales.  

In addition to that, Infinitus holds a very good reputation in providing more facilities and opportunities to its employees.

For example, with company facilities around 13,000 employees went from China to Thailand for some vacation trip.  It was a six-day tour package to Pattaya and Bangkok. They paid $18 million as a donation to the tourist industry of Thailand.

This clearly shows that Infinitus is very keen to treat their employees well by offering such facilities and entertainment trips to its employees.  

They also offer a good commission on their product sale for their potential distributors. With their products, not only there is a good commission but you can also earn a healthy life with all their herbal products.

However, we cannot assure that the products will be available in western markets as it is made out of traditional herbs of China.

It is not very easy to make a sale as the customers will be doubtful regarding the products and sometimes wouldn’t show much interest to try out this product. So it is not easy for the distributors to make a good sale volume.

In overall, after considering all the facts we can conclude that it is not an easy job to join as a distributor in Infinitus. At the same, you can trust the company. If you are not finding yourself interested in the products of Infinitus, then it is very difficult to achieve success as a distributor of Infinitus.   

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