Almost all MLM software does look pretty much the same or perfect on the first look. But there are certain characteristics or features that make an MLM software stand apart from the others.

You can see that they will have a vast customer base across the different parts of the world. And use our perfectly designed and crafted Secure MLM Software. We have given utmost importance in integrating it with highly useful and advanced features.

Secure MLM software allows automating all the manually done jobs that we come across while running a network marketing business.

Let us see what are those key features which make an MLM software the best one in the industry!



Key Features of Secure MLM Software


1. Customizable

Secure MLM software is a highly customizable network marketing software in accordance with the user’s demand.

MLM compensation plans are one of the most important aspects in the network marketing business, and so as is the case in the MLM software also.

Secure MLM software makes the calculation of commissions easy since it is developed in such a way that they support the complex calculations of almost all the major compensation plans. It can be customized to any type of MLM Compensation Plans like Binary Plan, Matrix Plan, Unilevel Plan, Stair Step Plan, MLM Gift Plan, Generation Plan, and Hybrid Plan.

2. Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway mechanism allows the users to transfer funds between different players in the MLM business.
The payment gateway feature is inbuilt with all the safety features so that the people involved do not need to have worry about the security of their transactions.

3. E-commerce Integration

E-commerce has a major role in the MLM business. An e-commerce store allows the MLM executives or people involved in the MLM business to merchandise their products and services. And hence Secure MLM software is provided with the option to be integrated with an e-commerce store.

4. E-pin

Transactions conducted with the E-pin makes sure they are done by safe and secure means.
E-pin is a system generated one and will be sent to the concerned person during the time of the transaction.

5. E-wallet

E-wallet feature allows the persons to store their money in an e-wallet and use them whenever required during money transactions. An example of an e-wallet is the Paytm wallet.

6. Multi-Language

The multi-language feature of the Secure MLM software gives the users the freedom to change the language to one they are more comfortable with. So that the people from different parts of the world can use the software with ease.

7. Multi-Currency

The multi-currency feature of the Secure MLM software allows the users to do business in more than one currency. It supports US Dollar, Euro and many more!

8. Automatic backup

The Secure MLM software is provided with an automatic backup feature so that the user does not need to worry about any loss of data. They can restore the software to its previous version at any time.

9. Responsive Design

Another exciting feature of the MLM software is its highly responsive format. So that it optimizes itself according to the change in devices like mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc.

10. Website Replication

Another exciting feature provided by the Secure MLM software includes the facility of website replication. This facility allows each and every member to have an individual website. It helps very much in the promotion of their MLM products and services.


Some Additional Features:


 1.Modern Open Source technology

Secure MLM software is developed using the most modern open source technologies like PHP, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery, etc.

 2.Multi-user- Role management

Secure MLM software allows you to set the authority level to different levels like Admin, Member, Customer, etc.


It is also important to know how to use these features to promote products through MLM business.

We do also provide the facility of MLM Mobile App, if necessary for our customers so that they can manage the business through your mobile phones for both you and your affiliates. Some of the exquisite features of the MLM mobile app include the rating of products and services, e-wallet statements, commission and compensation data, user details, payment information, etc. Apart from all these features, our round the clock customer support team will be there to guide you for the information related to MLM software. Build an MLM Software with above mentioned all the features.

If you would like to know how the features work for your network marketing software, Try a Free MLM Software Demo.