Network marketing has proven time and again that it’s a real deal with endless opportunities to make a fortune. While some still consider it nothing more than a farce, others have taken the risk and merged a true winner basking in the glory of their MLM success.

Each year you will hear about network marketers who made millions in MLM – these individuals are a testament that hard work does pay off considerably. Want to sip motivation with success stories echoing through the MLM learn? Just have a look at the top MLM Earners in network marketing 2023.

List of Top MLM Earners in 2023 

Touching the summit in MLM is no easy feat – it requires tons of action, hard work, and grit to taste success in network marketing. But if you can do that, you are in a for long-term success and firm financial standing, just like these individuals who have made it big in the industry;

Top MLM Earners in 2023 

  1. Jessie Lee Ward – Working for Pruvit, Lee Ward earned a whopping $18 million, securing the top spot for MLM earners.
  2. Viraj Patil – Patil hails from India and is associated with iX Global. He made a total income of $14.6 million this year securing the second position.
  3. Jenna Zwagil – This successful network marketer works for MyDailyChoice USA. He made a total annual income of $12.7 million this year which speaks volumes about the viability of the MLM sector.
  4. Jason Brown & Matthew Rosa – Jason and Matthew are a leading 7-figure network marker in the world. This year too they made a whopping $9.6 million from IM Mastery collaborating.
  5. Islam Mohamed – Islam Mohamed is an Egyptian network marketer who has made a name in the MLM industry. This year, he has made a total of $7.8 million from MLM securing the fifth position in the top earner list.
  6. Gustavo Salinas – Working for ByDzyne, Ecuador Salinas made a total of $7.1 million with a lifetime earnings of $40 million.
  7. Stefania Lo Gatto & Danien Feier – Getto and Feier are an Italian-German duo who made a combined annual MLM revenue of $6.8 million.
  8. Joachim Heberlein – Heberlein is a Germany-based network marketer who made a massive $6.4 million revenue from his MLM ventures.
  9. Jeff Roberti – Roberti is a big name in the direct selling industry boasting a lifetime earning of $105 million. This year he made around $5.4 million through his association with Juice Plus+
  10. Hamza Majdi & Mehdi Ben M Louka – Majdi and Louka are a Moroccan and French duo who made a combined revenue of over 4.5 million from network marketing in 2023.
  11. Branden Thompson – Thomson sits on a whopping fortune of 30 million dollars. He works in collaboration with IM Mastery Academy and makes an annual revenue of approximately $4.2 million.
  12. Ada Caballero – Ada Caballero is an acclaimed network marketer and a top earner for Vida Divina – an international network marketing company. She earned a total of $4 million from MLM this year.
  13. Marcell Rodriguez – Rodriguez operates in the finance MLM space and hails from the USA. He currently has a net worth of $14.3 million and makes around $3.7 million yearly via MLM.
  14. Dan & Megan Valentine – Dan and Megan are renowned coaches, mentors, and leaders in the MLM space. Together they earn over $3.7 million from network marketing. 
  15. Ed Bestoso – With a total annual earnings of $3.6 million Ed Bestoso sits on the 15th spot in the top MLM earners list. 
  16. Nobuhiro Kaneko – MLM is growing fast in Japan and Kaneko is the flagbearer. He alone makes over $3.6 million yearly operating in the MLM space and working for Thanks AI.
  17. Enrique & Graciela Varela – Enrique and Graciela Varela come from Mexico and are associated with the popular Herbalife company. They are top earners and make around 3.54 million each year. 
  18. Ryan Higgins – Ryan works for Truvy USA and earns over $3.5 million every year. 
  19. Robert Hollis – Hollis is a 7-figure earner and super network marketer with an annual revenue of $3.3 million.
  20. Jared & Heather Burnett – The duo makes around $3.1 million yearly from their MLM ventures.

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These top MLM earners in 2023 prove that network marketing is an ocean of opportunities. All it needs is hard work and perseverance and it will surely offer all the treasure it holds. So, go strong and don’t stop until you have achieved your MLM goals. Good luck!