Modi Group is one of the leading MLM business giants in India. Before getting into a detailed Modicare MLM Review let’s get into the basic work structure of a typical MLM business firm.


What is MLM?

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is the mechanism of selling goods or services through a well-organized network of affiliates.
It’s also known as Network Marketing or Direct Sales.


How Does an MLM Work?

A company involved in the MLM business sector would

Recruit new set distributors to market or sell their products or services. It may be by inviting us to be a distributor or through another distributor of the company.

Once you become a distributor, to process of earning money is simple. It could be through the sales of the MLM products or by the process of recruiting new affiliates to the team.

And when those affiliates recruit more people, you will still be eligible for a commission from the income they generate.

The affiliates that you add up with your MLM plan and the ones that they add up, in turn, are called you are downline. And the individual who added you and the ones above him are called your Upline.

The upline distributor will be the one who will be providing you the basic training required once you join the MLM business.

The whole process of recruiting and managing people can become more complex as it grows. Using an MLM Software can ease the process and helps in managing the whole process more efficiently.


A Brief History About the Modi Group

Modi Group is a business conglomerate based in New Delhi and was founded by Gujarmal Modi in the year 1933.

The Modi Group entered the world of MLM or Multi-Level Marketing business under the leadership of Samir Modi in 1996.

The purpose of Modicare is to bring a feeling of financial independence to every section of society.

They do well over 400 plus products through their affiliates.

Also, it could be bought online!


Modicare Compensation Plan or Modicare Maximizer Plan

The compensation plan followed by Modicare is very simple and gives a better opportunity to new consultants & business builders for them to earn more money and get rewarded basis the effort that they put in.

It’s actually known as Modicare Maximizer Plan.

One of the main advantages of the Modicare Compensation Plan is that it’s completely your business.

Your success is based on your hard work and you will set the pace for your growth.

It’s very important that you should be a 100% use of the Modicare Products and share the same with all the people you know.

Also always notice to add highly competent people to your downline, so that it will definitely add to your success.


Highlights of the Modicare Maximizer Plan:

You could be successful and earn more money by adopting the following three traits:

Self Usage of Modicare Products,

Share the Information to the Maximum, and

Team Development

And if you are ready to put in more effort and hard work success will be definitely yours!


How To Earn The Best from Modicare

Modicare Maximizer Plan offers 7 areas of income. The following shows the 7 ways where we can earn income.

  • Retail profits

It could simply be the profit from selling the products at retail prices.

For the agents, it would be at wholesale prices.

And the difference between the cost price and selling price would be our profit!
You can earn retail profits of up to 25 percentage.

  • Power seller bonus

Modicare Affiliates who achieve high retail sales award get the Power Seller Bonus, in addition to the Retail Profit that they make on their sales.

When an affiliate purchases products worth 10000 BV(Business Volume) or above in a month, he receives Power Seller Bonus from up to 5% to 20% of the PBV(Personal Business Volume) depending on the value of the purchase.

  • Mentor bonus

Modicare Maximizer Plan rewards your efforts when you work with the consultants personally sponsored by you and help them build their business.

The Mentor Bonus starts as soon as you start building your team by sponsoring your friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

When your new consultants purchase products of 1500 PBV or more in the month of joining and in the next calendar month, you qualify for Mentor Bonus of 7% of their PBV.

  • Team builder bonus

When you start Building a Team and enable your down lines to do the same, you will have permit to the Team Builder Bonus on the Personal Business Volume (PBV) of all Consultants Three Levels Deep in your Enrolment Lineage.

You can earn up to Rs.10000 per month as Team Builder Bonus, subject to a Cap of Rs.500 per person.

  • Maximizer team bonus

Maximizer Team Bonus is a strong pillar of Modicare Maximizer Plan. While as a Consultant you develop a base of Retail Customers, you also help your down lines generate volume through Self Use and Retail Sales.

  • Leader cheque match

Modicare Maximizer Plan rewards you not only when you grow your business but also when you develop your down lines into strong leaders.

You have the potential to earn Leader Cheque Match Bonus between 20%-35%, on your down line leaders Maximizer Team Bonus Cheque amount.

In order to Maximize your Leader Cheque Match, you should continue to grow your titles and enable your down lines to do the same.

  • Trips, cars, houses, and cash awards

Apart from the various bonuses, you can also qualify for Leadership Seminars abroad with Co-applicant, Luxury Cars, House Bonus and Cash Awards.


Try out a Free MLM Software Demo to get an idea about how to use a direct selling software effectively in an MLM business.


Final Verdict

Modicare is one of the best MLM companies that our country has right now.

They have more than 10 years of experience in the MLM sector.

And their well maintained corporate structure is the main USP of the MLM firm, apart from their high-quality products.

So if anyone is planning to make it big in their life by joining the MLM industry, Modicare would definitely be a great choice!

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