Is investing in Hedger Tech really worth for your MLM career? Well, to find out the answer to the above question in the review of Hedger Tech!


Hedger Tech – An Overview

Hedger Tech is a leading company that provides Cryptocurrency based services to its vast customer base around the world. They offer the services in Crypto investment management solutions like Hedge Fund, Smart Insurance (insurance for Cryptocurrencies), Smart Loans (Short Term Loans against Cryptocurrencies) etc. They use the MLM business model to sell the products and a network marketing software can make all the complex process easier. Hedger Tech also offers an entirely new digital token called “Hedger”! with the help of the platform of Ethereum Blockchain Technology. It can be used for conducting peer to peer transactions.


The Hedger Tech Compensation Plan

The independent business owners of Hedger Tech gives a return for every investment they make by the company. The various compensation plans offered by the Hedger Tech to its affiliates are as follows:

  • Starter – invest $500 or more and receive a 19.58% monthly ROI
  • Bronze – invest $2500 or more and receive a 21.25% monthly ROI
  • Silver – invest $5000 or more and receive a 23.33% monthly ROI
  • Gold – invest $10,000 or more and receive a 27.5% monthly ROI
  • Executive – invest $25,000 or more and receive a 29.58% monthly ROI
  • Champion – invest $50,000 or more and receive a 31.67% monthly ROI
  • Director – invest $100,000 or more and receive a 33.75% monthly ROI

The company’s Hedger Mining website runs the hedger investment. In Hedger Tech, ROIs get Hedger coins. Hedger Coin is an Ethereum Blockchain technology-based cryptocurrency developed by the Hedger Tech. And one of the disadvantages, as of now, is that they do not hold any value outside the company. And hope in future it might!


Referral Commissions

Hedger Tech pays follows a Unilevel compensation structure in paying referral commissions. In the Unilevel compensation structure, a business owner is kept at the top of a Unilevel team. All the other recruits by the topmost person come below him, which is known as level 1. And if level 1 individuals recruit more people, then they come under the level 2 category of the topmost affiliate’s Unilevel team. They affiliates recruited by level 2 are placed on level 3 and so on. Hedger Tech pays referral commissions as a percentage of funds invested across these four levels as follows:
  • 1 (consists of personally enrolled affiliates) – pays up to 25% as referral commissions which are paid in 30 days from the investment date
  • 2 – pays up to 20% as referral commissions which are paid in 60 days from the investment date
  • 3 – pays up to 15% as referral commissions which are paid in 90 days from the investment date
  • 4 – pays up to 10% as referral commissions which are paid in 120 days from the investment date


Joining Hedger Tech

Hedger Tech affiliate membership is totally free. You will need to pay a minimum of $500 investment if you are planning to be a full-time participant in the attached MLM opportunity.


Hedger Tech Pros

  • Security

Hedger Tech provides a Smart Insurance for Cryptos, Smart Loans against Cryptos and Hedge Funds.

  • Decentralization

Top asset managers and financial analysts provide products and services which Hedger Tech deals with. And this makes sure that the value of Hedger fund and Hedger coin grows in the future.

  • Diversification

HedegrTech provides a decentralized cryptocurrency investment management ecosystem, that works on the blockchain to ensure user privacy, safety, and user-friendly interface.

  • Collaboration

HegerTech collaborates with a lot of experienced and professional individuals with experience in Finance, Hedge funds, the Blockchain, Investment Banking, data servers, Engineering, AI, cybersecurity, legal and analytics.


Hedger Tech Cons

  • Only a little information available about the company over the Internet

The company only keeps the email address of customers. It also doesn’t give out the basic info about the management of the firm through their website. The white papers about the Hedger Tech state out that Leo Bathan is the Chairman and CEO of the Hedger Tech. This is the only information available.

  • HedgerTech is not accredited with BBB (Better Busines >Bureau) till now

Not having a review on the BBB website does not imply that a company is a scam or a legitimate one. But it provides additional company information and helps also to compare their reviews with other sources.

  • Promised ROI without any proof on how the profits can sustain these ROI’s the company pays out

If the profits have been proven to be able to sustain the promised ROI percentages, then it is all good in that department but there is still the issue of not having any retail products which would make this company technically a scam.


Final Verdict

A careful consideration of cryptocurrency investing is very much necessary in order to make a profitable return. Same is the case with Hedger Tech since it involves eliminating potential risks related to Crypto investing. However, the venture is still in its infancy period. And needs a lot of final touches that are necessary if the project is to get any recognition within crypto investing.

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