Here in this article, we will look into the Top 10 famous MLM brands. I hope you all know about MLM, if not it is nothing but Multi-Level Marketing. We all would have heard about the brand.

So what is a brand?

The term brand is the name of any product, company or person. When the name is recognized all over the world it automatically becomes a brand name among a huge number of people. 

I will explain to you with the examples

  • All would have heard about BATA, famous for footwear and it is the company name and product name
  • We know all know Maggie, it is a Nestle company product. Both companies and products have a different name but both are brands.
  • Hope you all know KFC. The brand name starts with the Place name Kentucky.

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Now here we will see the top 10 MLM brands and they are listed below.

1. Avon

Founded in the year: Avon was founded in the year 1886.

Founder: David H. McConnell is the founder of Avon.

Main products: Beauty, Household, and Personal care products.

London is its base. It is an Italian MLM company. They started from New York City and later on expanded to London. They also concentrated their business on clothing and accessories, perfumes and deodorants.

Company revenue is $5.7 billion. Definitely, it holds the first place in the list of MLM brands. 


2. Mary Kay

Founded in the year: Mary Kay was founded in the year 1963.

Founder: Mary Kay Ash is the founder of Mary Kay.

Main products: Cosmetic products.

Mary Kay is a woman name and she is the founder of the MLM company with the same name.  This company brand holds second place in the list of MLM brands and they are famous for their cosmetic products  

To be qualified distributors they should purchase a starter kit of $100 


3. Proactiv

Founded in the year: Proactiv was founded in the year 1995.

Founder: Guthy Renker is the founder of Proactiv.

Main products: Skincare products.

Proactiv is aimed at customers with mild to moderate acne. Proactiv MLM company was developed by  Rodan and Fields. They are dermatologists and they sold the company to Guthy Renker. The brand is popular for its Skincare products.  


4. Tupperware

Founded in the year: Tupperware was founded in the year 1942.

Founder: Earl Tupper is the founder of Tupperware.

Main products: Cookware, Home products.

Tupperware is an Italian MLM company. They mainly focus on storage containers that can be utilized in the kitchen and also focus to produce cookware products. A huge number of representatives work under Tupperware. The brand is very famous for its cookware products. Housewives really love this brand to convert all their cookware to Tupperware.   


5. Herbalife

Founded in the year: Herbalife was founded in the year 1980.

Founder: Mark Hughes is the founder of Herbalife.

Main products: Nutritional Products, Weight Management Products.

The nutrition products are for weight-loss and they are mainly protein Shakes in different flavors. The company Revenue is  $213.9 million. This brand is very famous among people to reduce their excess weight and to maintain a healthy weight with their protein shakes. When compared to other brands they don’t have much experience in this MLM business still they moved to the top list within a few years.


6. Nutrilite

Founded in the year: Amway was founded in the year 1959. 

Founder: Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos is the founder of Amway.

Nutrilite is an Amway Product. Everyone recognizes this brand name with vitamins and minerals. Amway is a very large MLM company but Nutrilite has its own brand when compared to Amway brand. Many people don’t know that it is an Amway product but it has its own recognition. Nutrilite is for the weight management program and this brand makes the customers stay on this product for the long run.  


7. Juice Plus

Founded in the year: Juice Plus was founded in the year 1993.

Founder: Manufactured by NSA (National Safety Associates ).

Juice Plus is a dietary supplement. It has vegetable and juice extracts containing nutrients and vitamins. Developed by NAI (Natural Alternatives International ) for NSA (National Safety Associates ) and they distribute Juice Plus through Multi-Level Marketing.  It is a meal replacement product and it will be in the form of chewable tablets. 


8. Shaklee

Founded in the year:  Shaklee was founded in the year 1956.

Founder: Forrest C. Shaklee is the founder of Shaklee.

Main products: Nutritional Supplements, Weight loss products.

Forrest C. Shaklee started this MLM company with his name Shaklee and they mainly focus on Nutritional Supplements.  When they began they started with nutritional supplements and after 4 years they also started marketing cleaning products. Slowly their brand name became essential to recognize them. 


9. Pampered Chef

Founded in the year: Pampered Chef was founded in the year 1980.

Founder: Doris Christopher is the founder of Pampered Chef. 

Main products: Food products, Kitchen Tools.

Pampered Chef is mainly located in three places. They started their journey in  1980 and expanded their services to Canada, the UK, and Germany. They focus more on Kitchen tools and food products so this brand was famous among housewives. 

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In this article, you will find the top 10 MLM brands. You will also know when they started their journey as an MLM company or product and the details regarding the founder of MLM brand, the main products of the MLM brands.

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