An enthusiastic entrepreneur will oversee the opportunities with Network Marketing or MLM business. Network Marketing relies on a network which is a huge chain of people.

Do you think is it easy to manage your network marketing or MLM (Multi-level Marketing) business without an efficient MLM software to calculate the MLM commissions or to handle the chain of details of the users engaged in the business?

Yes it is very tedious to successfully extend the network of people with manual operations and so Network Marketing or MLM software is inexorable in this network marketing business

 To effectively accomplish your Network Marketing business you definitely require network marketing software or MLM software but have you ever heard of open source software?

In simple words, open-source software is the software that is open to modify, enhance the features of the source code of software by releasing the licensed source code to the licensed third party by the copyright holder.  

Unlike traditional software, you can alter the source code according to your requirements. Similarly, open-source network marketing software provides you the opportunity to modify the features of the MLM software.  

In this article, we will look into the benefits of the open-source  network marketing or MLM software


Top 10 Benefits of the Open-source Network Marketing or MLM software.

1. Open Customization

  • As I have already discussed that open source software is open to modify the source code of the software, it is very easy to include any additional features to the MLM software to enhance your MLM or network marketing business. 
  • The customization part is very critical for any business sector as your customers or clients may require to change any feature of your MLM software. 
  • Since it is an open-source MLM software, the customization will become very simple for the customers.
  • Always wisely choose the MLM software that benefits and open for customization. 

2. Flexible and Scalable

  • The open-source software is flexible as it allows for the changes. 
  • As you grow your business to a large scale, you can add more features so that it can be able to scale up to manage more data in the future. 
  • It is highly scalable and flexible to use the open-source MLM software for your network marketing business. 

3. Easy Website Replication

  • In network marketing, the distributors need to recruit their downlines in order to avail of the commission as per the MLM plans. 
  • The downlines will also receive the website link to manage their downlines and this website replicates the main website as per the open source MLM software. 
  • You will be easily able to edit the changes in the open-source MLM software to have the features and the permissions required for the replicated website. 
  • Website replication is very critical in the MLM business. It helps to manage the downlines of any member, the sale happened through their respective downlines. 
  • It makes all the members stay profitable with their MLM commissions.

4. Easy Design

  •  Generally, open-source software is designed with simple design architecture. 
  • So that it is easily understood by any designer to implement any design changes required when any programmer or developer needs to change the source code and troubleshoot the code.
  • To implement the MLM software it becomes simple with easy design structure.
  • As the MLM business needs more features to enhance the MLM business, The open-source MLM software will benefit the  MLM business with its easy design structure.

5. Easy Integration

  • The MLM open source software may not come up with all the required additional features for any MLM business. 
  • The additional features purely depend upon on your MLM product or service. 
  • There are wide varieties of MLM businesses present in the market so according to your network marketing business, you will be easily integrating the additional features to the open-source network marketing software.
  • For example, the additional features like payment gateway, E-wallet system, multi-currency, autoresponder are some common and important additional features required by any network marketing or MLM business and that can be easily integrated into the open-source network marketing software.

6. Easy Commission Processing

  • As you all know, most of them will get attracted to the network marketing business due to its commission-based income. 
  • When the business grows to a large scale with a huge number of distributors it becomes tedious for the MLM owners to manually calculate the commissions to be offered to its distributors. 
  • The MLM owners may customize the basic MLM plan with the open-source MLM software and it becomes easy to process the commission without any complexity in the calculations. 
  • It also helps to provide accuracy in calculating the commissions. 

7. More Secure and Stable 

  • When compared to the proprietary software, the open-source MLM software is more secure and stable software. 
  • In two ways you can consider it as more stable and secure. Firstly, it is open-source so anyone can spot the bug and troubleshoot the errors. 
  • secondly, you can add your own multiple authentications to make it more secure.
  • To say about stability you need not rely on the owners of the source code to maintain the software. 
  • With your own monitoring team, you can keep up the stability of the open-source MLM or network marketing software. 

8. Affordable

  • The open-source software is always affordable since it is built with common features so that it can be modified by any licensed third party. 
  • Developers generally build this open source MLM software by keeping the common features required for the MLM software so that it can be easily adapted by their customers and it cost nothing to modify the source code of the software. 
  • Since it comes with a basic MLM plan and allowed to customize the features required for any specific MLM business, it is highly affordable.

9. High Customer Satisfaction and Convenience

  • Unlike traditional proprietary MLM software, licensed customers are able to customize, integrate the features of open source network marketing or MLM software. 
  • It makes them more convenient to manage the MLM business to improve the productivity of the MLM business. 
  • Overall, the customers will be highly satisfied with the open-source MLM or network marketing software.

10. Stay Unique in the Market

  • With open-source software, you will be able to change the source code of the software as per the latest technologies that arrive in the business market. 
  • You will be able to upgrade your software by integrating the latest technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT into your open-source network marketing software. 
  • This helps you to stay unique in the MLM industry to attract more potential customers to your MLM or network marketing business. 
  • You can also implement the latest open source software technologies to manage the front and back end of the software. The software tools like  PHP hypertext preprocessor, PHP Smarty, Codeigniter, Ajax, Apache, MySQL, HTML, Laravel, CSS, etc. 


Prior to getting to the final decision you can try a Free MLM Software Demo and understand all the ways in which a network marketing software can be made use of in an MLM business.



Finally, in this article, you will be able to perceive the benefits of open source Network marketing or MLM software. 

You can wisely choose the best MLM open source software available in the market which suits your business requirements to enhance the productivity of your business and effectively extend your MLM business worldwide. 

Yes, you need to mutate yourself from the traditional MLM software to open source Network Marketing software in order to increase the overall business productivity. 

Before concluding take a look at a detailed Case study on Open Source MLM Software to know in-depth about the Software itself.