In this article, we will discuss the top 10 MLM companies in Italy. Like any other country, the MLM companies in Italy also focus on health care, cosmetics and beauty products for their MLM business.

You can rate the MLM companies based on the following common factors which you should deeply analyze and rate the companies. The common factors are as follows

  • The number of sales happened during the year.
  • The reputation of the company and the success rate.
  • Compensation plans and benefits.
  • Total industry experience in MLM business.
  • Service and quality of the products.

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List of Top MLM companies in Italy


1. Vorwerk

Founded in the Year: 1883

Main Product: Home Appliances

Company Revenue: € 792 million

Vorwerk is famous throughout Europe and stands on the top of the list of MLM companies. It is German-based. They focused on home appliances for their direct selling. They have many branches in Italy. It is surely a strong competitor for other MLM companies in Italy. 

The main branded products of Vorwerk are kobold vacuums, home appliances, and other cosmetic products


2. Amway

Founded in the Year: 1959

Main Product: Health care, Beauty and lifestyle products

Company Revenue: $8.6 billion

Amway has got a strong historical background among all other MLM companies. They have very good industry experience. They focussed on health, beauty, and home care products. It is a US-based company in Michigan. It is a multinational company which functions in more than 100 countries.  


3. AMC

Founded in the Year: 1963

Main Product: Cookware

Company Revenue: $ 2.52 billion  

AMC is a South African company that concentrates on cookware products like pans, pots, ovens and stove-top cookware.  Pans like grilling pan, saucepan, roasting pans are their products. AMC company products are very famous among the Italians


4. Herbalife

Founded in the Year: 1980

Main Product: Nutritional and Weight management products

Company Revenue: $213.9 million

Herbalife always holds its own place in the top list of MLM companies in any country. They focussed on energy and fitness products, weight management  products, and nutritional food products

Though they have less experience when compared to other MLM companies  they had grown within a short span of time


5. Avon

Founded in the Year: 1886

Main Product: Beauty, Household and Personal Care products

Company Revenue: $5.7 billion

Avon was founded in London by David H McConnell. Initially, they began their journey from New York City and when the market expanded they shifted to London. They mainly focussed on personal and beauty care products, perfumes and deodorants, clothing and accessories. Representatives were really interested in the company packages where the starter package is only $10.


6. Jeunesse

Founded in the Year: 2009 

Main Product: Cosmetic  products

Company Revenue: $ 5 billion

In 2009, it was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis at the place LAke MAry in Florida. The Italians were really interested in their cosmetic products of high quality and at moderate prices.


7. Evergreen Life

Founded in the Year: 2010

Main Product: Olive based products

Company Revenue: € 5.7 million

It is an Italian based company and In 2010, it was founded by Livio Pestle. Its products are derived from olive trees and it is sold as fruit jellies, cleansers, face creams, and liquid olives, etc


8. Party Lite

Founded in the Year: 1973

Main Product: Candles

Company Revenue: $ 490.02 million

It is the most popular company in Italy. A lady started to manufacture candle in 1900 and sold it from home at Cape Cod. From this, the company was originated as Candle Party Lite


9. Forever Living Products

Founded in the Year: 1978

Main Product: Aloe Vera and Beeswax derived products

Company Revenue: $ 1.7 billion

It is Founded in Arizona, the US and their main products are as follows

  • Aloe vera drinks
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Beeswax derived cosmetics 
  • Personal care products.

The distributors are around 9.3 million in the company


10. Tupperware

Founded in the Year: 1942

Main Product: Home products

Company Revenue: $200 million

Around 1.9 million representatives are working in this company. Tupperware is the largest MLM and Germany holds the second place to market the Tupperware products. It began in Massachusetts, United States


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Here in this article, you can see the list of the top MLM companies serving worldwide with the vast opportunities in network marketing.

If you are a beginner, then you can look into these to 10 MLM companies to start your business in any good MLM company. If you are interested to know more here is the List of Top 100 MLM Companies in the world.

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