Searching for the biggest name in the network marketing industry – giants shaping the landscape? You landed at the right spot; here I will reveal the top 8 MLM network marketing companies in 2023.

The MLM landscape is a treasure trove of opportunities; many today, sit on a huge fortune only because of network marketing. Learning about big names in the MLM arena infuses us with motivation and encouragement to give it all. Their journey acts as an inspiration and pushes us to keep grinding till we have carved a name in the MLM landscape.

Sounds exciting right?

Join me as I traverse the footsteps of those who dared to dream big. 

List of Top 7 MLM and Network Marketing Companies In The World

I have compiled this list after thorough research considering factors like annual revenue, top earners, years in business, etc. Let’s explore them all;

Network Marketing Companies In The World

1. Amway (USA)

I am sure you have heard of Amway; it’s the most renowned name in the network marketing business and a reference point in the industry. The company operates in Health, homecare, and beauty products and has recently grabbed the top spot in the 2023 DSN Global 100 awards. Amway made a whooping USD 8.1 billion in 2023 which speaks volumes about the incredible success and global impact of Amway.

2. Herbalife (USA)

Another hugely popular name in the MLM arena is Herbalife. It’s a US-based network marketing company that deals in personal care and cosmetics products. Its founder, Mark R. Hughes is a successful network marketer himself and an inspiration for many. The company brings over USD 5.5 billion in annual revenue and boasts a global workforce of 11000 plus distributors.

3.Natura & Co. (Brazil)

Natura & Co. is a behemoth in the network marketing industry and boasts a vast product range including Solar Filters, Perfume and Hair Care Products, Cosmetics, and Household and beauty products. Ethisphere ranked it as the most ethical company in the world which is a big confidence booster for many would-be MLM entrepreneurs given the generally negative perception of the industry. More impressive than this is the annual revenue of Natura & Co. which sits around USD 6.90 billion.

4. Vorwerk (Germany)

Next on my list is Vorwerk, a German-based MLM company Carl & Adolf Vorwerk, a network marketing maestro. Vorwerk claimed the prestigious UX Design Award 2022 in 2022 which showcases its commitment to keeping things simple. It made around USD 4.1 billion in 2022 and operates in the household and cosmetics market.

5. Vestige (India)

Another MLM company with a phenomenal track record and journey that is nothing short of extraordinary is Vestige. Founded in 2004, the company has grown into a multinational business catering to a global audience base that spans millions. It has over 200 products under its belt and churns around USD 200 million in annual revenue.

6. Avon Products Inc. (British-American)

Avon Products Inc. is a century-old MLM company that is still going strong. It’s a British-American conglomerate that operates in the beauty and health market. Its unique focus on empowering women entrepreneurs has enabled it to cement itself as a credible MLM business. The company is the second largest in the network marketing arena and manages an ultra-massive workforce of over 6.5 million representatives worldwide.

7. eXp Realty (USA)

eXp Realty is a bit different from other MLM companies on my list. It has followed a different route and combined real estate and MLM to craft a unique MLM model. Such is the success of eXp Realty that it makes a whooping USD 4.6 billion each year making it one of the top earners in the network marketing space.


Well, that’s all the MLM companies that are the flag bearers of the network marketing industry. The thing that most impressed me is their humble beginnings – they all started small, from nothing and made it to the top. I am sure learning about these companies will inspire you and put you on a path that heads toward guaranteed success.