As you all know Vorwerk is a Network Marketing or MLM Company that specialized its business in household products. They depict themselves as a family organization and they are into the industry to produce high-quality products and they support their customers with their great service

In this article, you can see the complete review of Vorwerk, Network Marketing company. 


About Vorwerk

Vorwerk has been into the MLM industry for more than 130 years. In 1883, Vorwerk was founded by a Carpet factory in Germany. It started growing at a fast pace and it was expanded to 12,000 employees, 633,000 advisors those who are self-employed. 

The main five principles followed are as listed below

  • Focusing on the customer
  • Creating Entrepreneurs
  • High quality
  • Long term commitment
  • Adaptable


Being here in the industry for more than 130 years by adapting the product line, it expanded its business to over 75 countries with more than half a million employed and definitely this is going to make others envy regarding their growth and you cannot deny that they are satisfied with their expectations. Company revenue reached $4 billion all over the world. 

It uses network marketing or direct selling as a model for their business.  

In the USA, they are popular for their Jafra products. You can find Vorwerk when you look for these Jafra products.  


The Products

Now will see the main products of Vorwerk. The product line ranges from home appliances to beauty products and also financial services. Though they started as a carpet factory they expanded their business with different range of products. The main products are listed below. 

  • Kobold Vacuum Cleaners
  • Thermomix kitchen appliances
  • Jafra Cosmetic 
  • Lux Asia Pacific water purifiers and air filters
  • Vorwerk Carpets


Kobold Vacuum Cleaners

  • These vacuum cleaners are into the industry since 1930.  So we can say that it is the main product of Vorwerk. 
  • It mainly stands for its ability to clean the whole house very well when compared with other existing brands. 
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Most of the products you will not be able to find on Amazon or other online stores. However, you will be able to find the Kobold dust collector bags here.   


Thermomix Kitchen Appliance

  • The best product which is widely used by the customers is their Thermomix kitchen appliance. 
  • This appliance has 12 functions. 
  • These 12 functions actually replace other kitchen appliances and it can be used as a multi-functional kitchen appliance. 
  • Since they do not compromise with the quality of the product, the price of Thermomix product is $1500 which is expensive.  
  • In 2016, this product produced 1.3 billion euros for the company. 


Jafra Cosmetic 

  • As we have already seen they are famous in the USA for Jafra cosmetic. 
  • It is a collection of many beauty products ranging from skin care products to decorative cosmetics. 
  • They also come with anti-aging products and perfumes. 
  • Not like other products of Vorwerk, you can find them on Amazon and other online product selling platforms or stores. 
  • Royal jelly is their skin care product which is very popular and the cost is $40.      
  • The cost of Jafra balance ( a skin care product of Jafra cosmetic ) is  $60.  

I hope the prices are in the midrange and you can give it a try. In 2016, the Jafra cosmetic product sale reached 360 million Euros.  


Lux Asia Pacific water purifiers and air filters

  • The main market of this product is mainly focussed in the Asia region. 
  • The sale of  Lux Asia Pacific filters helped them to gain revenue to 24 million Euros. 


Vorwerk Carpets

  • Though they started with Carpet factory, still it continues its business with this as their primary product. 
  • It is popular in Germany for its high quality.   
  • In 2016, Vorwerk flooring produced 70 million Euros. 


These products are of high quality. They also formed a small bank in 1968 and this financial group is AFK Group to support customers during their purchase of the company products. They handle small /middle range businesses. The revenue of this AFK group is  $431 million.

If you have not heard of any of these products. You can have a look at these products on their official website: 

If you do not find them on Amazon or any other online store, you can find them with their independent distributors or agents.

The products are famous for their sales happening here. To find such products search on google for the “sales agent” and your country, then you will be able to get those products from the sales agent. 


The Opportunity

They started their business by selling the products by using direct selling marketing. Since 1930, they are using this method. They provide opportunities for their potential distributors by going through some application process and once accepted by Vorwerk they can sell the products and earn commission.  

The distributors can choose the product of their choice and can focus on that specific product to make a sale. 

The distributors are motivated and trained to make a new and strong team under them. By building a strong team they will be able to duplicate the work and earn the commission for each sale happened under the team. 

This is a very standard procedure followed by all MLM companies. This is possible only if they accept as Vorwerk distributors and it is not very easy to understand the Vorwerk structure and policies. 

Even the compensation plan is not available on their website.

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In general, to grab the opportunities you can do the following

  • Before becoming a distributors try buying and using Vorwerk Products. To make money you can start with their Jafra cosmetics.
  • To sell a product you need to know more about the product. So research and have knowledge about the product to talk about the product which in turn will improve the sale. 
  • To recruit your team, you can initially focus through your customers.
  • Focus on sale. This is the easy fact which has to be followed in any MLM business.
  • Make use of Internet Marketing to make sales through online and you can also potential prospects for your MLM business. You need not always approach your friends or family for your MLM business. 



Many features like longevity in the MLM industry, the huge number of people employed by Vorwerk, Its popularity, High profit, and the worldwide service clearly mentions its legitimacy.  The company follows its mission, goals, principles, and statements to satisfy its customers. It shows that they have reached on the peak as a top MLM company so you can trust and join them your MLM business. 

It does not mean that only Vorwerk is your ideal option if you want to sign up with other MLM companies. There is some information missing on their website. The information like compensation plan, detailed process for distributors to join are missing here on their website. As you can see such things only with less credible organizations or MLM companies. 

Finally, you can look at the numbers of part-time agents or distributors to know the saturation point in the market, lack of communication between the owner of the business and the distributors. These factors will decide the success of the business

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