Get detailed about Zurvita MLM Review from this article.

Company Name: Zurvita International

Founder: Mark Jarvis

Founded: 2008

Mark Jarvis is the founder of Zurvita International and it was founded in March 2008.
Jarvis concentrated on the online-based Multi-level marketing business but to gain the trust of the customers is not an easy task for such a business. It is completely based on the trust of the customers. The Management focussed on religion here in this business which is not analogous to the MLM business. Though the company graph was rising in the beginning, there was a sudden drop in 2015. The share was dropped from 40 cents to 10 cents in 2015.

After the sudden drop in the share, it started hiring the experienced and dedicated leaders from other MLM companies to expand its service. It is always general practice to hire good leaders from the top business market to overcome the loss.
They also requested the leaders or affiliates to motivate with the unchanged commission plans to move on well with the business. Zurvita was a product based company. Now see the products and services of Zurvita.

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Products & Services of Zurvita MLM

Their business is based on their products. Only if it reaches a large number of customers will the business be successful for them.
Will have a look at the products now;

MLM Softwares

Different categories of products in Zurvita MLM are as follows;

1. Zeal for life

The four different flavors are;

  • Kiwi Watermelon
  • Wild Berry
  • Grape
  • Tropic Dream

So they claim as follows:

  • It provides energy
  • Helps in optimizing the health
  • Helps to maintain a normal weight
  • Protects your body

The ingredients of the product include minerals & vitamins, micronutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and amino acids

2. Zurvita Protein

The two different flavors are

  • Chocolate Delight
  • Vanilla Crème

So they claim as follows:

  • Good to build muscle
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Repairs tissue
  • Good for maintaining strong bones
  • Promotes healthy heart

3. Weight Management Program

This program follows with their product lines

  • Zurvita Protein
  • Zeal for life
  • Burn & Cleanse

The program claims as follows

  • Personal development and growth,
  • Health is maintained by combining exercise with these products.
  • Weight management with balanced nutrition

We have seen the products, flavors available, the total ingredients and what they claim about the product.
From all the claims we can see that there is no scientific proof

You may think why scientific proof is required in this case but what I want to say is: As per WHO (World Health Organization) and National Health Services, the supplements may be harmful in longer use and instead of promoting health it may spoil your health.

So before you use any product it is always better to consult a nutritionist to know whether it suits your current health conditions and you can finally decide to move ahead with such health products.
The company is focusing more on the Health & Wellness niche than focussing on revolutionary formulas.

 Letus check in detail how to promote products through MLM business.

Compensation Plan of Zurvita MLM

We will look into the Compensation Plan of Zurvita

The two sections of the compensation plans;

  1. Income Disclosure Statement or Agreement
  2. The breakdowns of the compensation plan

Some companies do not mention the IDS and it will not be readily available to the customers. Here I have included the IDS as it gives more information about the Zurvita International MLM.

Income Disclosure Agreement

From period- August 1, 2014
To period-July 31, 2015
The income review of Zurvita International

We will see the income of two ranks named Business Consultant and Managing Consultant.

Business Consultant

Average Annual Income -$134
It constitutes 23.6% of whole consultant body

Managing Consultant

Average Annual Income- $376
Constitutes 60.9% of whole Consultant body

Just combine and analyze the monthly income,
altogether it will be 84.5% of all the consultants and they make monthly income ranging from $11 to 31 dollars per month.
Don’t look like a good value

From this fact, we can make out that only a few percentages of people can make good money out of this business and to show you that we will look into the average annual income of another two ranks

Presidential Director

It constitutes 0.42% of whole consultant body
Average Annual Income- $24,062


It constitutes 0.14% of whole consultant body
Average Annual Income -$136,883

From the above data, it shows that only these two ranks offer a good income and it is generous.

The compensation plan is followed based on the recruitment process which is not an easy job. The people at the top make money easily so I feel like it bit looks like a Pyramid Structure. Here all the consultants are not able to make a good amount at the bottom of this structure.

The whole process of recruiting and managing people can become more complex as it grows. Using an MLM Software can ease the process and helps in managing the whole process more efficiently.

Bonus from Zurvita MLM

Bonus from builders

  1. Earn bonus from the team
  2. Earn 20% on personal Sales
  3. Infinity bonus and overrides
  4. Commissions earned monthly
  5. Zurvita offers Leadership Car Program

The different starter packs are;

  1. Builder Pack
  2. Quick Start Pack
  3. Wellness Pack Options
  4. Weight Management Program and the Protein Shakes

The various positions of the leaders in the organization are;

  1. Business Consultant
  2. Managing Consultant
  3. Senior Consultant
  4. Regional Consultant
  5. Executive Consultant
  6. National Director
  7. Presidential Director
  8. Ambassador

From the data, it is clear that it is not an easy task to be a successful consultant.
The Company states that the compensation plan is based on the product service but here it shows that it is controlled based on the recruitment.
In simple, if fewer recruits then you earn less amount

Things which we may not like about Zurvita International

  • Procedures involved in cancellation.
  • Recruiting is not a very easy task
  • The company not very friendly to the newcomer
  • The packs are expensive


I hope this article helped you all to finally decide about Zurvita International. The company and the consultants sometimes refuse to address the issues to the customers but still, they say that they are doing well in the business

They offer expensive products but they are not based on any revolutionary formula and the compensation plan depends upon the recruitment and the newcomers find it very difficult to move on with this network marketing company.

So we can conclude that it is good if you have experience with MLM companies and it is a legit online business. It is free of cost to try and if you upgrade with the packages it is affordable.

Overall, hope this helps you to find an online business opportunity!

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