Is Data Security an essential aspect of MLM Software? Yes, it is!

Data Security is not only crucial for the network marketing business but also all types of business. It doesn’t matter whether your enterprise is small, mid-sized, or a global conglomerate, data security is an important factor to keep your data safe.

A minor error in the data can even thrash your entire business. Also, the companies are responsible for maintaining the safety and confidentiality of their client data, and other valuable information. So the case with MLM business is also similar. 

Well, we will deal with all this in detail in this blog. Keep reading!

Security in Multi-Level Marketing

The present-day Multi-Level Marketing Business is mainly dependent on e-commerce platforms. All the e-commerce websites have to deal with activities like online order processing, credit card payments, personal data of the people involved in the business etc. Such confidential data must be stored after proper encryption and not as plain data.

This alone tells us the importance of safe and secure data in Multi-level marketing business. Well, there are certain security features that every MLM software should provide the customers. 

We will deal with this topic in the next section.

Security Features That Your MLM Software Should Have

The security features that your MLM software should possess are as follows:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • IP blocking.
  • Denial service.
  • Database encryption.
  • Password encryption.
  • Database backup.


#1 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a type of protocol which makes sure that the data transmitted between a web server and a client web browser are encrypted and thus safe. The data transmitted thus cannot be hacked or compromised easily. For implementing the SSL encryption standard one should need to install the SSL certificate provided by your host provider. 

One can identify whether the website is SSL enabled or not by checking the address bar. 

  • A secure SSL website will be showing the “ https:// “. The letter “s” in the https stands for secure.
  • If in the address bar it is indicated as https:// (struck using a redline), then it indicates that the SSL certificate issued is dysfunctional.


#2 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

There are certain standards that every Credit card issuer must follow. The PCI Security Standards Council administers these standards. Different service providers have unique compliance requirements. But there are certain standards that every card supplier should follow. 

According to the PCI Security Standards Council, there are certain steps involved and they are:

Access: It involves identifying the security vulnerabilities, various supplier IT assets that one should have, business processes involved in card processing, etc.

Remediation: In this step, it involves correcting the vulnerabilities detected and minimizing the cardholder data to the maximum so that it can save a lot of storage.

Reporting: Here it involves searching for security scanning regularly and send the reports to the banks and card suppliers. 

What happens if your MLM business is not abiding by the PCI standards?

If any MLM business firm is not abiding by the PCI Security Standards, then you may have to pay hefty fines. Even the authorized regulatory body can cancel your credit card payment acceptance power.


#3 IP blocking

IP stands for Internet Protocol. You can block a particular group of individuals, or an entire region from accessing your website. This is usually done when there are security breaches from a particular set of IPs. 

So the MLM software you opt should enable you to block IPs if necessary.


#4 Denial of Service

Denial of service attacks is the ones performed by hackers for a temporary period or maybe for a long time. As a result, your business site may get slow and in turn, will cost you a lot of money. 

An efficient MLM software will enable you to block such attacks to an extent. 


#5 Database Encryption

The MLM software you use for your network marketing purposes should be using the latest database encryption techniques. So that the information stored in databases are safe and secure from any external threats. 


#6 Password Encryption

The passwords you enter for any reason should be stored only in encrypted formats. The case with MLM software is also not different. If the characters you enter are stored in plain formats are more prone to cyber-attacks.


#7 Database Backup

Database Backup is very much important for your MLM business. Network marketing business will be having to deal with a lot of information regarding customers, distributors, commission payments, commission plan, merchant account, product details, etc. So if any data lost will have a negative trend in your business. 

Database Backup feature enables you to retrieve the lost data if needed. Normally, a database backup is done weekly. Doing it daily is more effective.

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Data Security is an unavoidable aspect of every type of software. MLM business has to deal with loads of data in their business term. So storing them properly is very much important. 

Make sure your MLM software provider understands the necessity of Data Security and integrate all the facilities mentioned above with your MLM software. 

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