Data security has always remained a cherry on the top in recent decades, irrespective of industries. The ability of a direct selling company to succeed depends on protecting the data of software against unauthorized access in all forms by implementing an adequate data security solution. In this blog, let us look at the importance of data security solutions in MLM software.

What is Data security ?

We can all agree that “data security” is not a new term for us. You might have also heard about many inspiring & successful MLM stories throughout your journey. However, it is only possible by implementing a seamless and reliable data security solution.

At present, data security is a blessing in disguise because of the notable benefits it offers to an organization.

But what exactly is it?

Data security is the process of safeguarding digital information against unwanted access, data corruption, and theft throughout its entire lifecycle. Simply put, data security refers to protecting digital data from unauthorized corruption, access, or unwanted users.

Every step of an MLM business must be done with care. MLM software is now the foundation underpinning all activities and transactions for an MLM business, including data security. Therefore, choosing the best MLM software is a top priority.

Significance of data security

Data is an asset to every organization, no matter what. Yet, if you’re still wondering, “Is it really important?” It turns out that the answer is yes.

The importance of data security is a significant concern for every business enterprise, as mediocre solutions will cost an arm and a leg. Further, a data security solution in a direct selling software should automate reporting to help speed up audits and comply with regulatory specifications and use security measures like encryption, data backup, and file deletion to protect sensitive information.

Further, saving data from danger is possible in the software, provided the MLM software is incorporated with an adequate data security solution. Know what’s more interesting?

Network marketing companies benefit from data security policies as it prevents their brand image from crumbling. So, you can’t take a rain check on implementing a data security solution into your software.


Types of Data security in MLM software


A computer algorithm can change text characters into an unreadable format through encryption keys. Thus, only authorized users of MLM software will be able to unlock the content readably.

Data Resiliency:

A satisfactory data resiliency built in a network marketing software will have no room to worry regarding any possible security


This means recognizing users prior to accessing the data. Hence, all personal details like biometrics, passwords, and PIN numbers can only be sneaked into with proper authentication from the software.

Data Erasure:

All data must be appropriately disposed of regularly to overwrite new data, thereby ensuring data erasure of software.

Data Masking:

Data can be hidden by casting a shadow over numbers & letters with proxy characters, even if an unauthorized user gains access to the software.

Security Features of MLM software

Unquestionably, MLM software is flooded with numerous advanced features to make the most out of the software making it easier to handle or overcome any hurdle. But does it count if the software is not loaded with compelling security features?

No. Not at all.

Now that you know the significance of security features let us glance over the different security features of MLM software.


1. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

A secure socket layer (SSL) is a protocol that ensures that all data exchanged between a client ,web browser and a web server is encrypted and secure. Thus, it is difficult to hack the delivered data.

One should activate the SSL certificate offered by your host provider to use the SSL encryption standard. Besides, it is also critical to verify the address bar to see if the website is SSL enabled.

1. A secure SSL website will be showing the “https://”. Besides, “s” in https stands for secure.

2. If the address bar is indicated as https:// (struck using a redline), then it indicates that the SSL certificate issued is dysfunctional.

2. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

There are specific standards that every credit card issuer must follow and these standards are regulated by PCI Security Standards Council. Different service providers have unique compliance requirements. However, there are specific standards that every card supplier should follow.

There are certain steps involved in the PCI Security Standards Council, which are provided below:

Access:It implies locating security flaws, different IT resources from suppliers that one must have, card processing business procedures, etc.

Remediation:This stage entails addressing the vulnerabilities discovered and reducing cardholder data to the greatest extent possible to save significant storage space.

Reporting:It entails routinely looking for security scans and submitting reports to banks and card companies.

3. IP blocking

IP is an acronym for Internet Protocol. You can block an entire region or specific people from viewing your website.

This is typically carried out when a particular IP range is the source of a security compromise. You should be able to restrict IPs using the MLM program you choose to secure your data.


4. Denial of Service

Hackers may carry out denial-of-service attacks for a short time or possibly for a very long time. Consequently, your company website may become slow, costing you a great deal of money. Thus, the ability to partially prevent such attacks from protecting data security will depend on your MLM software’s effectiveness.


5. Database Encryption

Utilizing the most recent database encryption methods in the MLM software you use will help to prevent any external threats to the security of the data held in databases.


6. Password Encryption

The passwords you enter into any software must be encrypted to secure the data. Further, MLM software is no exception. Your characters are more vulnerable to cyberattacks if stored in primary forms.


7. Database Backup

Database backup is vital for your MLM business. Network marketing businesses will have to deal with much information regarding customers, distributors, commission payments, commission plans, merchant accounts, product details, etc. So if any data is lost, it will negatively affect your business.

The database backup feature enables you to retrieve lost data if needed. Usually, a database backup is done weekly. However, doing it daily is more effective.

Closing Thoughts

Data security, for sure, is always making waves in every sector. Thus, many direct-selling software companies have already addressed impressive data security solutions issues in their software. Aside from that, adherence to data privacy laws will continue to be a prime concern & pose a significant challenge for many organizations. But, effectively tackling the point at issue can work wonders like a magic wand.

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