Now we cannot think of those olden days, how we used to do marketing. Really it is a time-consuming process. The Salesperson will walk door to door and will describe the products or services to want as well as to unwanted customers. Differentiating and understanding who are all our target customers itself a tiring process. Digital marketing is in trend now for promoting your products or service of your Network Marketing business.  In this article, we will look into some Network Marketing tools which will surely enhance your business and it will attract more potential customers to look into your prospects. 

Nowadays if you open any social media you can see a huge number of advertisements. Promoting products or services is a major part of any Network Marketing. So if you are into an MLM or Network Marketing you should need to understand how to do the marketing with the help of some Network Marketing Tools in the market to attract customers for your MLM business. 

Potential customers will be your target in your Network Marketing business and covering up those potential customers require some specialized tools.

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Here is the List of Best 9 Network Marketing or MLM Tools


1. Facebook Messenger

            MLM Software Business tools

  • The most popular standalone app is Facebook Messenger. Almost everyone uses this app. It is easy to cover up all the customers using this App.
  • More than 2 Billion messages are sent to and fro between the members and the business unit of the Facebook each month
  • The communications are sometimes automated and sometimes it is manual.   
  • It provides a big space to expand your business by promoting products or services. 
  • You can customize your automated or manual interactions with your potential customers to find whether they simply want to know about your products or want to start a business with your Network Marketing products or service. 
  • It will surely help you to reach your aim of the Network Marketing business by filtering out your potential customers.


2.Viral Content Bee

MLM Tool Viral Content Bee

  • It is also known as Viral Content Buzz.  It is the most favored tool for identifying the prospects interested in your organization. 

Viral Content Bee will assist you to the following benefits

  • Enhances the metrics of social media
  • Effectively handles Hashtag Marketing
  • VCB is really good in extending your content through the network channels
  • You can also test the content before you post on Facebook advertisement
  • The social media promotion is not automated and if your content is attractive you cover up all those customers who are interested in your business.
  • It mainly focuses on your content and it is a tool for content curation. 


3. Webinars


  • The webinar is another mlm business tool to present your mlm business through the web instead of going to any seminar halls, hotels, home parties, etc.
  • It is the best tool to leverage your time and finds the best solution to form the network of people through the presentations provided in webinars
  • To say simply it is a tool for your marketing presentations
  • Deals with your product launch
  • It helps you to generate potential leads to your MLM business.
  • Show your product demos
  • Provide effective training for the business
  • Effective customer communication


4. Aweber

MLM software Business Tools

  • Aweber is a tool that uses email marketing services and it is an autoresponder of all the emails received in your absence. 
  • The subscribers get automated responses through Aweber. 
  • This helps in maintaining the relationship with the clients through the autoresponder.
  • Helps you to create and maintain the email list of the clients to promote your business or service through online
  • With more number of the email list, you will be able to to do better marketing through this email service of Aweber
  • You can send a single message of your promotion or offer to thousands of customers at a time. 


5. Facebook Groups

FB Groups MLM Tools

  • Facebook Group can be used to enhance your business sales and team strength.
  • You can view around 30% to 50% increase in team strength and sales after using Facebook groups. 

How to use Facebook Group

  • Begin a group on Facebook
  • Name your group with the team name
  • Invite your business leaders to join the group
  • Set certain rules for the group
  • Help each other to improve the business
  • Make use of a photo album in the group.
  • You can start posting any important offers related to your business in the group


6. WordPress

MLM Business Tools

  • WordPress can be used for your business blogs. With the blog, you will be able to reach your potential customer and generate leads for your business
  • It is a very important part of your network marketing tool to grow your business through your blogs
  • You can generate websites through WordPress for your affiliates to improve your business. 
  • It provides more plugins and add-on to your MLM business or Network Marketing.


7. Youtube

MLM Software Business tools

  • Youtube helps you to leverage your time in marketing and a free resource to do better marketing. 
  • If it is used efficiently, you will be able to reach your target customers and sales target by promoting your products and service through Youtube.
  • Youtube also supports you in time management. For example, if you post a video today, the video will be seen throughout the world for many days without you being involved on a daily basis. 
  • You just need to update with important information in another video to get continuous support  for your MLM business

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8. Handouts

  • Another method is to provide a handout, which is a simple network marketing tool, that will introduce your product giving a general information of mlm and will contact you back to get more information.
  • Handouts will be dvd’s, cd, perdrive and paper.
  • This network marketing tool will help you to collect the contact details of the one you give this handouts, and later on you can make follow.
  • Make sure you have a clear idea about the product you introduced in the handouts.

9. Samples

  • Keep the sample of the products your are going to sell in your mlm, say for example consumable.
  • If it is a non-consumables, then you should have one on your hand to lend to the interested one.
  • The product should be accompanied by a business card that includes your contact details.
  • Collet the contact details of the customer and contact them after couple of days to know whether they like the product, and also to know whether they need to continue the function.


Hope, this article helps you to find out the Network Marketing Tools which can benefit your MLM business and the way it should be used to enhance your sales target and cover up those potential customers required for your business growth.

If you have any suggestions, do comment below.

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