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How does MLM Calculator Work?

The MLM Calculator is designed in such a way that it calculates the compensation with a minimum number of inputs. The compensation plan is calculated in both percentage and flat rates. So it allows you to understand how profitable an MLM Plan is for your business.

It supports all major MLM compensation plans like Binary MLM Plan, Unilevel MLM Plan, and Matrix MLM Plan. Specific inputs that you have to give in are the Email Address, Joining Amount, Commission Type (Percentage/Flat), Number of levels, Product expense, Level 1 commission, Number of users per level, Tax deductions, Admin charges, etc.

Once you enter the above-given inputs and click on ‘calculate,’ then it will provide you with the expected commissions.

It’s as simple as that!

If you need a better understanding of the Binary, Matrix and Unilevel MLM plans, keep reading further. 

Live MLM Calculator

What are Binary, Matrix, and Unilevel MLM Plans? 

There are various types of compensation plans that direct selling organizations follow. Some of the most commonly used ones are described below:

Binary MLM Plan

Binary MLM is one of the most frequently used MLM network strategies used by direct selling companies. Binary means two. Here the base is two. A sponsor can place only two distributors in his frontline. Hence it is known as Binary MLM Plan. 

So what happens when the same Sponsor sponsors a third person. During such times, the third person is kept under any of the two distributors in his frontline. This process is known as Spillover

Try Out the Binary MLM Calculator to get an idea of the compensation from a Matrix MLM Plan.

Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix MLM Plan is also known as Forced Matrix MLM Plan. It works in a similar format as that of the Unilevel MLM Plan. But here, the Sponsor has the right to sponsor only a limited number of distributors under him. It depends on the dimension of the matrix plan your company follows. The additional distributors will be further down under the other distributors.

A Free Matrix MLM Calculator for the Matrix MLM plan

As we have mentioned above, a Matrix MLM Plan will be having two parameters: width and depth. It can be generally notated as m*n. “m” stands for the Number of frontline distributors that one can sponsor, whereas “n” stands for the depth till which you are eligible for compensation. 

For example, if the dimension of your matrix MLM plan is 3*6. Then you can place only three frontline distributors. Moreover, you can earn commissions for up to 6 levels deep.

Unilevel MLM Plan

Calculate the returns of the Unilevel MLM Plan with the help of the  Unilevel MLM Calculator

Unilevel MLM Plan is one of the most accessible network marketing plans to grasp. In Unilevel MLM Plan, a sponsor can recruit as much as distributors he/she wants in their frontline. Hence the significant advantage of the Unilevel MLM Plan is that there is no limit for the distributors one can sponsor. As you recruit more distributors, the commission will also be higher. 

But there is a slight disadvantage. The commission will only pay up to a limit (generally up to 7 levels deep). This makes individual deep sales MLM organizations a little hesitant in following this MLM network strategy.



MLM Calculators are a real-time savior in case of computing complex compensation and bonuses that we have to deal with in the network marketing business. 

Besides, it gives an insight into the benefits that a distributor can make from a particular network marketing strategy. 

So do use an MLM calculator to analyze the possibilities before you make your move!

Here is a complete comparison between Unilevel and Binary MLM plans for you to understand the various features of the two popular compensation plans.