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Why Are We The Best MLM Software Company?

Secure MLM Software has guided network marketing companies small, medium, and large from all over the world to success with our advanced features and functionalities. With years of experience in developing MLM software, we guarantee you the best of services in the development and implementation of your MLM software.

10 + Years of experience

With more than a decade of experience in MLM software development, we know all the ins and outs of multi-level marketing and inventory management and have implemented only the best practices in our software.

Training on Software Installation

We give our customers the adequate training and support required for installing the MLM business online software and further use.


Our MLM software is equipped to handle multiple currencies and languages so that you don’t have to set any boundaries for your network marketing business.

24×7 Customer Support

We have a fully dedicated customer support team to assist you with any issues or queries at all times that you have about multi-level marketing or the software.

Highly Secure MLM System

The significance of the security of data in any MLM lead management software cannot be exaggerated. We deploy the latest cybersecurity practices to ensure the integrity of your data.

Easy Customizations

Secure MLM Software can be extensively customized according to the requirements of companies. Select the features and functionalities you prefer and make the software your own.

MLM Consulting

Get professional guidance regarding many aspects of your network marketing with our MLM consulting services. Our team has established and launched hundreds of MLM businesses and has years of industry experience. Let's work together to take you one step closer to MLM success.

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Our Features

It is a software-generated security code that makes actions like product purchases, membership, payouts, direct sales, and so on considerably more reliable and secure.
Members in MLM networks get their funds credited to their E-wallets. This can be used to make purchases, send money to other members of the network, and much more.
Genealogy Tree
A genealogy tree graphically represents the members of a network. A genealogy tree representation can conveniently display all of the activities of members in order of hierarchy.

SECURE MLM supports all plans

Keeping in mind the diverse MLM compensation plans employed by each network marketing company, we have designed the multi-level marketing software to accommodate all multiple Compensation Plans and thrive in the multi-level marketing industry.

  • 1
    Binary MLM Plan

    This is a two-legged plan in which every recruit is placed in either the left or right subtree. The commissions are calculated based on business volume and not levels.

  • 3
    Linear Compensation Plan

    Linear compensation plans are structured as a downward thread of distributors, one under the other, growing constantly as new distributors join.

  • 2
    Forced Matrix Plan

    Matrix MLM compensation plans take the shape of a triangular structure arranged into a set number of rows and columns that limit the number of members you can sponsor on your first level.

  • 4
    Hybrid MLM Plan

    This plan is developed based on the concept of salesforce classification, there are no sales leaders in this plan. Everyone in the network is considered a distributor. Compensation is calculated based on how long a distributor has been a part of the network.

Optimum Security For Your Data

Security is of paramount importance for any MLM software. Secure MLM Software is one of the best MLM software as it implements the best-in-class security features to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data. Shield your MLM network from cyber attacks with the optimum security features that our multi-level marketing software offers.

GDPR Compliance

Secure MLM Software uses the latest password and database encryption techniques to protect your data from being vulnerable to any malicious or fraudulent activities.

Multi factor authentication

Enhance the security of your MLM system software further with our multi-factor authentication feature. Verify identity using text messages, email verification, authentication apps, and much more.

PCI/DSS compliance

Complying with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is extremely important for any MLM company. Shield client payment data and prevent data breaches from your MLM business.

IP Blocks

Data protection and safety is an integral part of any network marketing software platform. Block individuals or groups from accessing your multi-level marketing network with our IP Blocks functionality.

Denial of service

MLM businesses have been the target of cyber-attacks recently. Defend DDoS attacks on your network with our denial of service security measures.

Database backup

Back up your valuable MLM business data and never risk losing it. Manage all kinds of data emergencies and restore data without any hassle using Secure MLM Software.

Password & database encryption

Secure MLM Software uses the latest password and database encryption techniques to protect your data from being vulnerable to any malicious or fraudulent activities.


Tools To Promote Your Business

If you want to make it big in the network marketing businesses and attain direct sales easily, it is essential to promote your network with the necessary MLM growth tools. Secure MLM software provides you with all the necessary tools to attract prospects.

Replicated website

Enable your distributors to grow their network using their own websites. Members can customize the site according to their preferences and draw users with this best MLM software.

Lead capture page

Optimize the lead generation process and smoothen direct sales conversions for your network industry business with our advanced lead capture page functionality

Promotional material module

There are many ways to promote your multi-level marketing business today. Secure MLM software helps you effectively promote your company with a module for promotional materials.


Error Free Commission Calculations

Fast and accurate commission calculation is one of the most important qualities any network marketing software should have. Secure MLM is also a commission management MLM software that implements an advanced commission engine. Handle complicated calculations instantly and free of errors without an efficient commission management system. Now you can create compensation plans which fit your business requirements with the right software which is Secure MLM Software.

Instant commission calculation

Configure commissions in multiple ways according to your requirements and calculate them instantly using our fast and accurate commission engine.

Migrating commission

Handling commissions can be difficult in the case of multi-level marketing software migration. But Secure MLM software comes with a separate module for migrating commission.

Error detection & correction

Errors can often happen in complex calculations like MLM commissions. Our automatic error detection and error correction features can help reduce mistakes.

Manual correction if needed

If automatic error detection and error correction does not satisfy you, Secure MLM software provides you with manual correction features.


Onboard Distributors On The Go

Effective distributor onboarding is an essential part of building a strong and potent MLM business. Secure MLM software provides you with flexible distributor onboarding options. Effortlessly onboard new distributors on the go to your network.

Spilling preference on Binary

Different types of spillovers can happen in the Binary MLM plan. Set your spilling preference to auto-balance, weak and strong leg, or according to your requirements in the multi-level marketing software.


Facilitate effortless online registrations, purchases, member sign-ins, member renewals, and much more with the advanced E-pin feature of Secure MLM software.

Multi Wallet

Ensure error-free and instant monetary transactions with our robust multi-wallet system. Effortlessly manage all transaction information of users in your MLM System across multiple wallets.

Flexible payment options

Enable the members of your network to complete secure payment processing in any way they prefer with our flexible payment options. Our MLM software company supports multiple payment gateways.


Provide On-Demand Support

Experience a high-end support system for your network marketing software. Provide your users with on-demand support for all issues based on priority. Never fail to address customer issues with our latest support system.

Fine-tuned CRM

Effortlessly manage connections and relations with customers and potential customers with our fine-tuned Customer Relationship Management system.

Internal messaging system

Admins and users can communicate with each other easily within the MLM system using Secure MLM software's internal messaging system.

Employee/ Privileged user system

Set up your MLM software with different privileges for different users and always keep an eye on the resources of your MLM Business with our Employee/ Privileged user system.


Tree View For Your Network

A tree representation is an integral element for visualizing the hierarchy of any MLM network. We provide you with a flexible tree structure that can be customized according to your requirements and that attains intelligent workflow automation. Get a more in-depth understanding of your network with detailed graphical representations.

Interactive genealogy and sponsor trees

Get a complete overview of the structure of your network in a single look with Secure MLM Software's interactive, intuitive genealogy and sponsor trees.

User-friendly table tree view

Present your hierarchical data in a dynamic, user-friendly way with our easy-to-understand and detailed table tree view.

Sponsor change in unilevel tree

All distributors are placed on a single level below their sponsors in the unilevel tree, and you can change the sponsor using Secure MLM Software.

View important details

Know all the important details like active/inactive users, group PV, number of sponsored users, sales report, and much more with our effective tree structure.


Have you tried our free MLM calculator?

Check the viability of your Binary, Matrix, or Unilevel MLM plans. Calculate commissions, payouts, bonuses, income, business growth, and much more instantly with our MLM Calculator.

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Anna Johnson

It was great working with Secure MLM software. The design team left nothing to fate and the product works perfectly. Super fast delivery too. Thank you for this! I would recommend them to any MLM enthusiast like me or even a beginner!.

Eric Black

Secure MLM has developed a software that is unbeatable. I have ample experience in the MLM field, and the software you have introduced has been the best yet, even in my limited budget. And your customer support is also commendable. Hats off to the team!

John Collins

The customisation option the team provided us with has worked wonders. Your customised software is perfect for our company which is the best in MLM business. The software is so user-friendly, it can even be operated by beginners at our company. Thank you, Secure MLM

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Develop your decentralized applications with the leading Blockchain application development company without the best MLM software. This revolutionary technology is disrupting conventional business practices all over the world and it is time for you to get on it. Our team of experienced blockchain developers can provide you with the necessary solutions to future-proof your direct-selling business.

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SECURE MLM software is integrated with all major e-commerce platforms and payment gateways to enable fast and secure transactions and gives you all things needed to stay at the top in the network marketing industry.

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