Affiliate marketing or MLM business is growing exponentially which would definitely make anyone turn towards this lucrative business. Apart from traditional methods, now it’s time to adopt MLM software to have a breakthrough in the network marketing business. An MLM software tool is becoming indispensable nowadays so that the admin can administer the MLM business seamlessly.

Though it is a profitable business, you need to invest your time to go through the complex commission calculations, payout management, managing a large network of affiliates with their current status, referrals, etc. MLM software can make your work simple and automated. So everyone prefers to choose the best MLM software in the market. With MLM software, it becomes easy for marketers to identify the top marketing strategies to be deployed and gain high revenue.

So let us lookout for the Top 10 MLM Software Companies 2022:

1. Infinite MLM Software

 MLM Software Business tools

Are you looking for a broad range of customizations and MLM add-ons with high-end technology to fasten and streamline your MLM business? Infinite MLM software is one of the topmost MLM software powered by IOSS in 2009 which provides all options to perfectly manage, organize and control the huge network of people associated with MLM business.

It is a very good option if you are planning to build your online MLM business or to enhance your existing online business as it can be easily integrated with Opencart and Magento. It helps to build your new affiliate program or take your business to the peak by making use of replication sites for product purchases, using affiliate links to register, ordering, and delivering the products.

Whether you are a startup or a well-built MLM giant, Infinite MLM software can be customized to your business needs seamlessly and this MLM software is integrated with a ticketing system, CRM so that the clients are well supported by their support team without any delay.


    Company Name: Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP

    Product Website: Infinite MLM Software

    Demo URL: Click Here:

    Basic Pricing: $850

    API Available: Yes

    API Link :

    Help Document:

    Year Established : 2009


2. MarketPowerPro

 MLM Software Business tools

MarketPowerPro MLM is powered by Multisoft and it is also one of the topmost MLM software if you are looking for customized options to enhance your MLM business.
The service providers are staying in this marketing field for long years and so obviously you could find the perfect solutions for any sort of MLM solution.

Empower your network marketing business with the experience and support of this service provider. It also allows integration with e-commerce platforms to enable your online MLM business.



3.MLM Soft

MLM Soft is a cloud-based platform that helps entrepreneurs maximize their earning potential by providing features like prospecting, MLM lead generation, commission calculation, compensation plans, and other important components of MLM network management. MLM Soft was one of the first Software-as-a-Service platforms to develop an integrated MLM software solution. It’s ideal for both new MLM entrepreneurs and experienced businesses looking to upgrade from spreadsheets and ledgers.


4. Multisoft

 MLM Software Business tools

Multisoft has an excellent team of developers and MLM consultants who can help in automating and enhancing the operations of MLM companies with their MLM software. Founded in 1987, Multisoft MLM Software now has immense popularity for its services and customer support. To help customers understand their services better, they provide Free Demo. Multisoft MLM software has efficient features to track genealogies and pay commissions inaccuracy.



5. Plexum

 MLM Software Business tools

Plexum is powered by Plexum Corporation and like all other MLM software, it is also an innovative MLM software that supports various types of integrations and customizations. It also comes with various features to support online MLM business.

The different pricing plans of Plexum are compared by the service provider so that customers can easily go through the features available for any particular pricing plan of this MLM software.


    Company Name: Plexum
    Demo URL: Request Demo only
    Basic Pricing: $99
    API Available: NA
    Help Document: NA
    Year Established : 2004


6. Ventaforce

 MLM Software Business tools

Ventaforce MLM software is also listed in the top MLM software available in the MLM industry. This robust software is also developed to support online MLM business.
It addresses all the MLM concerns with its huge experience in the network marketing field. It also provides impeccable MLM features to support various MLM types of businesses ranging from large-scale to small-scale industries.


    Company Name: Vendaforce
    Demo URL: Request Demo only
    Basic Pricing: $2200
    API Available: NA
    Help Document: NA
    Year Established : 2014


7. WP MLM Software

 MLM Software Business tools

If you are looking for a perfect MLM plugin, then the WP MLM software plugin serves the purpose. This MLM plugin allows you to run your MLM business successfully with your WordPress website. It is one of the topmost open-source MLM software which suits various MLM plans and e-commerce integrations like Magento and Woocommerce integration.

You can also track various MLM functions with the unique features of WP MLM software and run your affiliate business successfully with this user-friendly MLM plugin.



8. Trinity MLM – Firestorm

Firestorm MLM software is a robust solution for MLM companies who look for scalable software. With its experienced developers from the Trinity group, the software showcases excellency in its performance, features, and design. Its features include Self Replicating system, user-friendly interface, Genealogy Tree Option, Commission & Distributor Management, Reports & Analytics, E-commerce Integration, SMS Integration, Integrated Ticketing System, and more


    Company Name: Trinity MLM – Firestorm
    Basic Pricing: No
    API Available: NA
    Help Document: NA
    Year Established : 2001


9. Secure MLM

 MLM Software Business tools

Secure MLM is a fully functional MLM software that is also one of the topmost MLM software to support your MLM business. It is also powered by IOSS like Infinite MLM and WP MLM software. This software supports various types of platforms and payment gateways to ease your MLM business operations.

Like Infinite MLM software, it also comes with a ticketing system to support its massive customer base. With a decade of experience, this service provider has launched different MLM software to suit the customer requirements.



10. Arm MLM

 MLM Software Business tools

Arm MLM is one of the top MLM software that also provides various customization to meet all your MLM business needs. Arm MLM software comes with integrations and good MLM features to run your MLM business seamlessly.
The service providers are also experts in MLM script development and enhance your overall MLM business.


    Company Name: ARM MLM
    Demo URL: Request demo only
    Basic Pricing: NA
    API Available: NA
    Help Document: NA
    Year Established : 2011


Comparison of Top 10 MLM Softwares

Software Provider Pricing Website Rating out of 5
Infinite MLM Software Starting from $850 4.7
MarketPowerPro Starting $499/month 4.7
Pro MLM N/A 4.6
Plexum Starting $99.95/month 3.3
Ventaforce Starting $2200.00 4.8
WP MLM Software N/A 5
Trinity MLM – Firestorm Starting $1000.00 /month 5
Secure MLM N/A 4.2
Arm MLM Starting $799.00 4.8
MLM Soft Starting $499/month 5



Choosing the best MLM software is not an easy task as you need to look at all the characteristics of the MLM software and the support rendered by the service provider. Here, we have listed out the top MLM software considering all the aspects of software and the service provider. As per your needs select the one which is required to boost your MLM business revenue and ease the MLM business operations.